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Well that's because the blackhawks tonight but anyways so the point being is that there is even if it's not getting demoted it is lack of playing. Yeah Reduction Reduction of ice time. It's it's a different role on the team. It's getting bag skated more than other guys like. There's any number of ways a coach could take retribution on a player that he knows snitched on him and asked bet that I'm like is there. Whistleblower protection on this on this hotline business and he said well the protection is the anonymity unlike but now that's not the protection protectionist league saying if you try to take retribution against the player that levies and accusation against the coach. Then you're going to get severe viewer punishment for like that's was prediction. Now keep in mind. I think the issue is it so hard to prove that because like you said it's a new on it can be. It is very new one second to third line to motion. So you put it out there intimidation right you put it out there so as a deterrent. You you say listen. We know that there's the possibility of this. Let it be known if you do it. There's going to be an issue now. I I'll plead ignorance here. They there may be some things in federal labor law that already protect. NHL Players. That do this. Yes that's a possibility but for the leak if you're GONNA do a hotline and say hey players that currently don't WanNa go the PA or the NHL with these things and and are dropping accusations on twitter because they know that these organizations are completely ineffective when it comes to policing the players and abuse. Hey guys this you know. Drop your dollars on this hotline. And we'll take care of you. It's a real easy thing to do but they didn't do it. I don't understand why. So there's there's the four four point plan like you said an A. for effort we'll see how the execution works but the very least acknowledgement that all of the stuff that's been going on needed to be addressed correct and honestly I saw he said you asked about women's hockey and Gary said they didn't talk about it at all like I'm glad they tabled everything for for now like this is what these meetings should be about is attacking the urgent issues. That the League right now. What more thing on this before we get to other segments Brendan Shanahan spoke for the first time on Tuesday? Since so Shanahan spoke the day babcock got fired. If you're a member he actually flew to Arizona Dona and had a little press suare with kyle dubious but he hasn't spoken since then since. Then we've had. The Babcock made made bitch martyr list. All of his teammates based on how much effort they give then gave that list to the guys who finished last. We had Johan Franson confirming the Verbal abuse of Mike Babcock to the point reenter. Nervous breakdown of the bench was afraid to come to the arena Every day because of how horrible babcock was to him and the news out of the Shanahan stuff today was one he stands with friends and says I believe him. I believe that those were his experiences with Babcock and to said you nope came forth and said hey look what bad Crockett with monir it was reported or GM which was reported to me it was completely inappropriate. But when asked what you'd you'd say to a team that comes to you and says Hey Brendan Shanahan president of the Maple leafs. I'm thinking about hiring your ex coach. What would you say about that? He said I don't WanNA deal in hypotheticals. That was very good. He knows no one calling them. Yeah it's true. Maybe I don't know but like no McConnell suit interesting one and it was also interesting to hear Shanahan be pretty candid about the fact that like. Hey listen we were playing there. Were things done to us. And he didn't say we didn't know at the time they were bad. He said that it was it wasn't in sort of the culture. Sure to come forward with these things which I thought was very interesting answer and kind of the opposite of what you hear from a lot of guys that are old school that are looking at this stuff often saying well you know it used to be okayed it kick a guy in the back on the bench. It was Shanahan basically saying hey we see a lot of this was wrong and it just wasn't part tired of the deal to come forward with these accusations back then but maybe it is now. Is that just a illustrate how Shanahan is really an old school guy. Like the fact he doesn't speak it's the media that often anymore like there's a little inside baseball but he feels like he was burned after those comments he made during me lenders hold out whereas like me and my teammates always took less than we never regret it like such an old school mentality because of that. That's why we don't see him very much. Honestly Shanahan has a thankless job. He's in there just to use the guy who has to fire people he's George Clooney and Movie with Anna Kendrick. That was so good up in the air when he has to fly around and fire people all right. Now it's time for one of our.

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