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Hi, guys. Hello John just listening to alderman Lopez. You see that there are many, many challenges ahead of this new mayor. And one of them would be to get the cooperation of the team of alderman were not necessarily on board. It doesn't seem with her reform message. I'll have more on that tomorrow. Because tonight all the alderman throughout the city, not all of them, but many of them are coalescing different places. And in their yes. And I recall what this was like, right after Harold Washington was elected, and there were many alderman's houses and bars and things like that. And I'll try to divvy up the city and figure out how they were going to do what they were going to go do, right? Both for and against. So tonight is the night and I'm going to throw myself in an into sort of game of thrones thing I'm gonna put on a different face. And I'm going to throw myself into these bars, and they don't recognize we're to take part in the conversation. I'll have to report on tomorrow. You're going undercover. Yes. So just when you're talking to a guy, you think is a city worker next to you. Look out. Let me hear your city worker voice. Listen, so anyways, so Frankie, Frankie and TIMMY, over water department, call me and they said, you know what you gotta do here is you gotta you gotta give that thing to that guy. Is it still sleeping on the job? When with this new mayor, do you think still do the no show the payroll stuff? Tell you what, this is over all. Sure. Alderman Lopez just kind of had a look on his face. I'm sure if he's listening now he won't mind, my saying, you could tell it in his voice, but he's like what the hell was that really? I mean he he was ticked at the way they were described reform thing you mean. Privilege and corruption. He says, I'm from Chicago. We're going to something about corruption and then everybody laughed. I mean it was I heard her say that guy. Oh whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey, what are you doing who sent her? Right. She's nobody nobody said except seventy five percent of the people who voted in municipal election. Well, that's why he said, guess what? That was a can't. He said that was a campaign speech, but the campaigns over now you got to work with the city to give her credit for the boldness of having those alderman, on the stage as she says running around and looking at them and saying, this is a new day people reform is here. She wasn't. She's not trying to parse words there or make it seem wishy washy. She's very clear. Absolutely. Thank you, John. Cochran show celebrates valuable percent of planet. Weekday mornings at seven twenty seven twenty WGN Chicago smart, speaker, users, just say, play WGN radio and tune in American weather makers brings you Kim. Gordon's news overcast fifty two at O'Hare Laurie. Elaine Lightfoot Laurie lane. Lightfoot history in Chicago today, Lori Lightfoot ish, ACOG goes, first African American female openly gay mayor, we must be in this.

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