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On the Swan galleries, app. On this week's on the media. NBC hosted a Trump Town hall and ended at the same time is a B C's Biden event. Was it a ratings crap? I don't think from the radius perspective or a chain dollar perspective, It makes album my chances of political decision network machinations and more from this week's on the media from W. N. Y. C. Tomorrow morning at 10 on 93.9 FM. This's w N. Y C. 93.9 FM and AM 20, NPR News and the New York conversation. This is fresh air weekend. I'm Dave Davies in for Terry Gross. Let's get back to Terry's interview with Broadway stars Rebecca Luker and Danny Burstein. Their lives have become complicated by health crises bursting was starring in Moulin Rouge before it shut down in March, and he contracted a severe case of covert 19. After he returned home from the hospital. Luker had a relatively minor case of Covad, but that was on top of having been diagnosed a few months earlier with a less or Lou Gehrig's disease. A progressive disease that affects the brain's ability to initiate and control muscle movement, and in later stages Khun Lead to paralysis. Danny Burstein and Rebecca Luker spoke to Terry last Monday. If you don't mind my asking. I think you have just such a beautiful voice. I love your singing so much, and I know it's hard for you just to have enough breath to talk right now. And as recently as June, there was AH zoom event for you related to a less and raising awareness about it. And you sung three songs in that and sounded gorgeous. S o. I can I can hear that, You know, in terms of your voice and the breath that you need for a voice that that's That's progressed. Are there songs that go through your mind now? Even if you can't really sing them? Yeah, and we we listen to me sometimes no recordings. Yes, Lovely. So you know, I'm proud of What? Yeah. Yeah, There's a There's a type of immortality that we were talking about the other day that Becca's recordings give her and and she was expressing how proud she is of those recordings. So and they are their glorious they are. I agree. Let's why don't we pause in and listen to one Okay, so I'd like you back up to choose one that you'd particularly like to hear, especially if it's on visit song that has special meaning for, you know, or that's taken on a new meaning for you. I was going to suggest come My white Knight. Say a few words about why you love this song. And then we'll hear it. I was just I was just gonna say that, um Danny's My White Knight. So So here's Rebecca Luca from the Broadway revival of the.

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