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So now it's called Riverview Christian Academy. So when you guys the real Heads Will Remember When Jocelyn was first on this podcast you and I were like, oh gotta go up there like we gotta see what's going on blah blah. So we came up with a plan that we were going to like email them and you email them or spoke with someone on the phone. I taught them on the phone. I emailed with them. I was just trying to get a green light to get up there and they just never they shut it down just didn't care. Yeah. So then if you Google Riverview Christian Academy wage BuzzFeed do is publish like this tell-all or an expose where they interviewed to a female students that had gone there and basically those with them and said like they're really anti-gay like they punish kids or being gay. They're they are basically doing like conversion therapy. Maybe that's why they didn't want to talk us. Maybe they knew it was two bisexual butterflies. So they got like outed by BuzzFeed news and then not only that they got raided by the FBI later that I think later that year in January of 2019 because they were suspected of hoarding firearms and they were also suspected of doing conversion thoughts which is illegal in the state of California. So that all happened in the last year. Yeah. So the FBI came to the campus rated it and then they went to like total lockdown mode. So the school Will exist there are still students there. I didn't see anyone I was up the campus. But so we had reached out they never that never went anywhere and then I just decided I was like guess like I need like I was just like I have to like go drive up there. Like I don't have a choice. I to just like pack Tony in the car take a road trip. I need to like have a little travel like Freedom moment and like them to go and see what happens and like I'm going to email them and try reach out and see if I can get on campus. But if they don't say that I can I'm just going to go up there. Anyways, I don't give a fuk off. So I went full Renegade mad max-style. Okay, so I'm going to find the email that I sent. So I called First and asked to just speak to the owner of the school and they wouldn't let me speak to them, but they were like will write you. And like we'll get in touch. So.

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