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Thanks for listening to wbur made possible with support from whist ear and ziprecruiter presenting endless thread the new podcast that brings read it the front page of the internet to your ear buds available wherever you get podcasts from wbur boston an npr i'm indira lakhshman of the poynter institute for media studies this is on point there are about five point six million people in the united states living with dementia and more than 45 million worldwide that number is expected to triple by 2050 many of us her caregivers to loved ones suffering from the disease and many more worry we might some day be affected ourselves while you're still of sound mind should you lay out the medical care you want if you're diagnosed with dementia now thanks to a new directive you can this hour on point a new plan for dementia care you can join us on air or online would you fill out in advance director for dementia families would you honor those wishes join us anytime at on point radio dot org or on twitter and facebook at on point radio joining me now from seattle washington is dr barack gastre professor of medicine at the university of washington cool of medicine he created a dementia specific advance directive you can find it and a link to our form on our website on point radio dot org dr gaster welcomed on point hi thanks for having me absolutely so urine internal medicine doctor and you are very often any patients first stop for any ailment what sorts of symptoms and stories to patients present that make you suspect they may have dementia.

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