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Game day. Better ingredients better pizza Papa Johns. Jones holds that bone is left hip with his left hand Maui brings you to the right dribbles. One time. That's his routine. Fires away hits it. So he goes to for Tuesday's within five now. Six points off Attlee forty five to forty or over the musketeers Xavier back defensively man to man defense, meet employed by the bus materials Baldwin topic. He picked up the dribble being how to by strokes left side of the Florida. Tucker back out the ball wants drugs right in the grill a Baldwin Baldwin dribbles on around with a right elbow down the language the rim lays up an infra to navy valor with a little screen at the very end just picked off Paul scrubs. And allow. Baldwin to get all the way to the basket volume has fifteen points to the ball game seven point lead for Butler, twelve fifty six to go Scruggs stops pops a three Paul. Jerry, Paul Paul Scruggs doing everything for the musty right now. Jazz twenty. The turnover by Butler Nate Fowler slipped behind the bed said ball would try to hit it with the law passed but Fowler, just vomited out of bounds turnover. Forty seven forty three. But we're over the musketeers with twelve forty five to play. Brings it across the timeline over to Marshall how casper Jaeger working against zone. Well, which top of the king right side of the Ford of Marshall Jones post up down low on available rotated the Scruggs top of the key fourteen on the shot clock into the corner. Threes on the way off the iron. No, good rebound thousand four knocked out of bounds. Last touched by Kyle castle. Well, it still can't get that three point shot going. He's over five from behind the arc as he walked across the time money slapped his hands in frustration. But that's a shot. You want him to take on taking a deep shooter? Forty seven forty three. But with the ball to lead twelve twenty to go in the second half. Working on the right wing into the high poster brockville's a couple of times hands it off the ball when he turns the corner drives the lane close Allie pretender for Brock knocked out of the air by Jones picked out of the air by Marshall. Marshall left side of the four top of the key cow castle bluffs of three drives. Elaine scoop shops all the way in a blocking foul is Paul battle send cow cast for the line for two. I like what car Catherine's doing Joe, he's I on the rim on at three point shot. He added, but he's not taking it. But instead of just passing it up. He's I in the rim and going to the basket and being aggressive fry the most aggressive we seen him in the last couple of games, and it's good. It's a good development for the musketeer. Tesla has four points to the ball game is oh for one from the free throw line. Now, he's one for two. The first one is a swish Xavier's pulled within three points. Now. Again, they trail forty seven to forty four. Twelve o one ago. Chris castle in three dribbles shots on the way. Good. Forty seven forty five musketeers battled back within two exactly twelve minutes to go. The musketeers back setting up your defense, man. The man again on the Brenner. Mcdonagh would. Outta Baldwin Jorgensen and low post rock left side of the four picked up by Jones rump back at his way into the paint. Spins and lays it up on the glass. Good for two. Wow. What a move there by. Can you really see his potential? Yeah. Tremendous us at the pivot foot their four point lead for Butler, forty nine forty five eleven thirty one to go. Well, each left side of the floor dribbles towards the point gives it up to scrunch dribbled through the free. Throw line kicks to the corner right side castle, fakes the three dribbles inside the lane back out the Marshall. He dribbles down the lane. Sledgehammer slam. Why more dangerous for women to? What a play by Marshall go into the basket with the two hands slam half court offense. He likes CNN Lebano five two goals Adri gallon. The man to man defense McDermott top of the peace straightaway. Picked up by Marshall Rogerson low post. We have a whistle. And a foul fault has to go against the musketeer against Jones. I believe. For Jones will pick up his third personal foul the ballgame timeouts, but we have ten fifty seven to go here at cintas center in the second half, but Mer forty nine Xavier forty seven. This is your basketball from learfield. On seven hundred w w Xavier.

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