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Big finish. You got the sand to give them a grand finale Spores leader. Here's Mark Willard. Okay, Jason. It's two categories. You just pick one. Do you want to do your money matters or fun with food? Money matters. Okay, Money matters. Now I imagine you have a you're coming off the practice field. But when? When you get dressed and you get your wallet back in your pocket, how much money is in your wallet right now? Whoo! Ah, I've gotta buy a did I think I got my Devon on my credit card in there but can only be a tease. You know, that's good. That's more than I used to carry. So that's gotta work. OK, Uh, how? How much? This is something else. You know, we talked about going to sporting events. Something else we can do is go to concerts right now. How much would you pay to go to a concert right now? Dependable performance. Um yeah, I I pay about 300. Yeah. Yeah. And by the way, if it depends on whose plan Who do you want to see? Um from a concert, Uh, J. Cole. Okay. I've been a few Jaco concerts. All right, All right. That works, all right. And then last one how much money Sitting on the ground is enough to make you bend over and pick it up? I'll pick up $5 of Israel would have to get embarrassed about that. For me. It's a quarter like all quarter like a penny or a dime. I'm just like I just going to keep walking, but not a quarter more Conover down by walk over 55 upon grabbing Ah love It's good sport. Jason. Thank you. It's wonderful to have you on the show. Reset your appreciated boss ever going. That was fun. Jason Verrett. He is a good dude, and everybody's rooting for him physically to stay in, and he's been playing real well. Gosh, a godsend for the 40 Niners this year. Considering what has unfolded will keep it with the 40. Niners on the rewind. Next, you'll hear from John Lynch. And Matty Naoko as well. Big old nine o'clock hour 40 Niner bonanza here, so stay tuned..

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