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How about this for an idea? I'm totally getting this thing. It's like literally a quarter or fifth size. My current toothbrush. It's fine. I don't I don't have. know how they live on it to travel with it. It's super easy. Well, with a light on it that you shove in your mouth and it is a dentist. It is a dentist, like the dentist like agreement with the light to say, no matter dentist in your mouth. No, but the person could watch the feed be like, oh, you're gonna filling on this tooth. Oh shit. You're still. They've got to see like how the tartar is under the gun blind. You don't have dental checkup through just pitches now, bussing, maybe for like extreme emergencies, cracked tooth or something, but then you gotta go to the dentist anyway. Lindsey, her mom's a dentist we, but they do a lot of. They do a lot of feeling speaking of which Ryan poll his own tooth out this week is wrong with him. Look around maybe, or was it a hunk of wisdom tooth because apparently they smashed him out. Because we can. Out it was like emerging. So just pulled. It was ripped up just he's an animal, you know, that's horrific. Go to the doctor in case just go to Lindsey, a nerve comes with it, and then you like you get Trump was enough, looked like like a little rope. We'll spaghetti lecture sitting on it. Enormous. There's the picture that's enormous. That's too big to be pulling out. Oh. Yeah, probably wasn't that bad then if it was tweezers. Right, like it was probably just barely attached. Does your good tweezers. Sorby call us. They are exactly what is it a little the planet named elements, dangerous. Mercury mercury Galea's. Mars bars are totally fine. Vanu Siham. That's a very dangerous help you my favorite ruby character neptunium is that radioactive element as Neptune, where would you get. What do you use it for? But it's probably not as good as your anymore planet anymore. Funny when the declassified Pluto that plutonium became okay. It was like they've been heard. What about Kenny. So the controller was a huge avatar fan. Then I read correctly that they've, they've fill already filmed the last the next the, some of the the movies yet. Everything correctly be another MAC with another giant knife. I liked the MEC with giant. It was stupid. Alright, whatever I wasn't built into the arm. It didn't need to pick up. All over again. I'm going to pull for you a poll for you. The new battle was alita battle angels after calling the movie alita battling chill. They put out a second trailer. I think that's the name of the manga and it make you. I don't know what the source material you go with the ice alita battle angel. They put a second trailer. Yeah. Did you did you haven't seen it yet? No, but I, I saw some people talking about it. I think that it looked pretty good. Yeah, it's good colorful. It's good. But I think was good dot good control room, broadcast seeing Sean shrugs. Yeah, for lead up battling Joel, the second trailer has. Eric eating. Like the second trailer, Eric don't opinion on this cost. Yeah. What's asking him? So avatar to is coming up twenty twenty avatar three twenty twenty one at tar four twenty twenty four. I've ATar five twenty twenty-five. When was the last one like two thousand two thousand nine nine. That'll be live in jeers. No, they're skipping between twenty twenty one twenty twenty-five. Fuck pass a law of that. Well, they also feel like sure I care enough about it enough like avatar. One to me was enough like maybe a second one could expand on that, but any more than that seems like too much now any prequel it and then you spin off it. This plenty. I read a very their babies. Very Gavin. This weekend speaking of James Cameron stuff. And this is the Titanic fact. It's that to this day, the pool on the Titanic is still filled..

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