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Saber history going by points percentage, which is With what you have to go by because you can't go by point because you're not going to get 82 games in. That's right. Paul Hamilton, who would be Brian calls he'll sabers and penguins Coming your way in about 10 minutes with Dan Dunleavy in robbery. Two are by the numbers feature here brought you by equitable advisers thinking about today planning for tomorrow. All. Pat Knight earlier were talking about Crosby against the savers in his career. He's played 46 career games against the sabers. He has 70 points. It's the most against any non metropolitan divisional opponent for Crosby. He actually Enters the Today Today's game with the force fourth highest points per game average in their careers against the sabers. So let's play a little trivia here for our numbers, the other three that actually points per game. Have a better number than Crosby's. He averages 1.52 against the saber points against the sabers of his career there, three that are better. I'll give you some clues here because obviously, you know, this is might not be totally obvious, but they have to show you Lake comes to mind right off the bat, but I don't know if he's up there. He's not on the list. I only have the top six year but Have to have played at least 15 games. Because obviously points per game. Anybody maybe could have had one good game. But I'll give you a clue. The top player is also a penguin. Malcolm was gonna be one of my guess is no. Think about maybe the best penguin ever burial marry? Oh, yes. Met Barrio had head 70 points in just 40 games against the sabers. 1.75. The next one is ah Detroit Red Wings. The obvious yes would be Steve I Zerman that is correct. He is the second most points per game in his career against the sabers in 41 games. He has 67 career point, so he's 1.63 games Perm. And then the only other one better than Crosby play, I would say, mostly in the nineties and Vancouver hurry, probably right in 22 games. He had 35 points. That's 1.59. And then there's Crosby and Bobby Orr with 1.52. Now I would have guessed if you had done this to me. I might have guessed Daniel Alfredsson too. But he is not in the top six. I always felt like he was a dominating player against the same. I could tell you I would not have gotten Heisman for sure. I just don't remember him piling up a bunch of points against the sabers. Yeah. Anyway, there you go. Lamu, Eisenman, Burry Crosby and or top five all time in terms of points per game against Buffalo. There's your numbers. Okay, Let's get Paul's keys to the game now and they're brought to you by Relax, Honda. Relax. We've got this. Paul, one of the keys for the sabers today. Well, the sabers also in those 10 games and I talked about are averaging. A one point or I'm sorry. 3.8 goals per game, which is fourth in the league. So averaging, you know, fourth in the league, and, uh, if they're gonna have to continue that, because, you know, I don't think so. Carson is going to perform like that each time, So I think they're gonna have to continue to be able to do that. Of course, probably. We just mentioned Crosby. Stopping him is important. But Paul, look at the last outing against the Capitals. Sabers couple that's get off the scoresheet, Crosby. We know his numbers. We just went through him so That's really big. And you think Oh, with Malcolm out, maybe Crosby dips down. Not necessarily. He still does a very good job without Malcolm this year in 14 games, he has 20 points, so he's still well over a point of game. Without Malcolm in the lineup. So you know Crosby is good. I guess that's the lesson, right? You've got to stop him. Absolutely. And he could play bad games against the sabers and still have a flock of points. I've seen that happen too. One. Nothing game That was here earlier this year that ended up being three. Nothing. Remember, they did shut him down, But he ended up with an empty net goal. He might have even assisted on the other empty and was three. Nothing. Remember that game Hunter played great, but you're right. He ended up even with like a pointer to win that game anyway, despite the fact that the sabers shut him down, Okay, let's get the goaltending matchup in next year. Paul between the pipes. Alto car skis ate the parents one for two with a 3.32190. It's a percentage and Justin Jari is 30th appearance. 17 83277 in the 909 save percentage. Okay, Paula, We know we've got some injury news here to shed for for all of the people that are just joining us here. Let's let's get it along here. The news of the day injury wise is Kyle a post so the sabers are gonna be without him now for the rest of the year. Yeah. Broken cheekbone after getting hit in the face by that past, Irwin, so he's out for the year of least it's not a concussion s O. You know, that's there's not a good news of beginning a broken cheekbone, but at least as I said The news is better than it's not a concussion. Jack Eichel is out for the season that was announced this week with the herniated disc lead US All Mark is week to week and with not too many weeks left in the season. That doesn't sound like we have a real good possibility of seeing him either. Yeah. Too bad You've got a lot of injuries for the sabers. All I mean, This is Thies. The goaltender's The sabers are gonna play with your the next four weeks. Do you think they'll look toe waivers? Or does the upl move that we're hearing and to the taxi squad, maybe indicate the dull go back and forth with tocar ski and upl until Hutton's ready. It's a.

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