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Ladies and gentlemen we'll come to sam roberts wrestling up gaps introducing your host rome new york here is sam we'll worse welcome to very special edition of the state of wrestling jim bonus state of wrestling on a very special bonus sam roberts wrestling podcast today we are going to cover the superstar shakeup i asked you on the episode this week of sam roberts wrestling podcast if this is something you want me to do we were so overloaded on the state of wrestling this week with recaps of wrestlemainia takeover new orleans raw smackdown little mentions of the other shows here and there but just so much was going on over the weekend in the wwe we really didn't have time to look forward at anything that was about to happen so i asked you guys guys gals do you want me to jump on here and do a bonus show where we're going over what could happen with the superstar shaka superstar shakeup of course goes down on this monday and tuesday just like last year and it is in place of the draft whereas historically the w w e would do a draft where they would have ron smackdown and the general managers originally the general managers would pick draft picks it then went forward into the draft being a random lottery system whatever it was as of a year ago the superstar shakeup format started which was basically new superstars just kind of appear and it's understood that in some cases the general managers or commissioners of raw and or smackdown had agreed upon this or contracts where up or you know that floating.

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