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Back. Chris in Salem, Oregon. Hey, Chris, what's on your mind today? Yeah. I didn't know that that Saudi Arabian guy, Portland. I wonder if local right league host and we'll see his name up. There is going to bring that up. I doubt he's not report if it were illegal aliens or he'll be all over that. So, you know. It just dawned on me while you were talking about the privatization ejecta, especially free. You know, having some sleigh, obviously. And like Trump's here, if we went, you know, the purest ideology the second amendment Guiseley one. You know, there are some libertarian to say we should be able to own a surface to air missile if corporations and individuals were able to buy these type of weapons year return to Pinkerton tile policing now they have access to police departments have. And that could be double edged sword. That's it. Writ small Chris. Yes. Writ large look at the US forces in Iraq right now were were down. Our our soldiers in quotes are down to basically, just supporting the local Iraqi Mila military. You know, we do airstrikes at the same thing. We're doing in Syria. We've only had four fatalities in two years in Syria because the Kurds thousands and thousands of Kurdish soldiers have died. They've been fighting our behalf while in Iraq, the ones fighting on our behalf. In addition to the Iraqi army are blackwater in well, what's now they've got another name now, but and several other private military forces. So we've privatized our military which makes them invisible. And we don't know how much they're doing what the Roman army did that is plundering and looting for their own benefit. But they're certainly plundering and looting us, you know, we're paying a couple of hundred thousand dollars per soldier per year for these guys were as a regular GI cost us about thirty thousand dollars a year at entry level. And and so the question Chris is if this policy that we have put into place in Iraq and. Afghanistan, and and perhaps in other parts of the world, you know, most of the stuff is classified. And we just don't know the details, but if this policy of privatizing, our military comes home, and we see the privatization of our police departments. Then I think it's very very possible that the scenario that you're talking about. You know, this guy really a bizarre Bladerunner scenario might end up being played out here in the United States. What do you think? Yeah. No. I mean, and so it could easily be sold. Because for some reason, even though Bernie Sanders is the chair of the veterans committee, and the generally conservative Republicans are seen as that was that was that was back for only a year or so the first two years the Obama administration. Democrats control. The Senate Bernie hasn't been running the VA the veterans affairs committee for a while. Okay. Well, I mean, but we need we need to have this. I feel like that words and. Gal over. Hawaii Representative over there early. Great progressive lady, she lost some of that Tulsi Gabbard. Yeah. The democrat party of veterans in the military because I feel like conservatives and libertarians and Republicans will tell president Zeeshan effort and told military people will be for it. Because generally they.

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