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It's not ever sicker. Now. Okay. Let me let me ask you this. This is great because you don't drink. So I feel like an expert at something that you don't know. I mean, I'm not I'm not let me say this too. Because I was getting criticized by some people present, I don't drink. Let me tell you. Why don't drink my family all drank into died. I'm not too good for I wish I could drink people be like jink. On that. I don't know. Need to go back through that every time. But right, I don't drink. So I don't understand how this stuff makes you feel. And when I see people so hung over or I see the memes about being so hung over. I go is it that much better like plus to mind ratio to be drunk and have that much fun than feel miserable. The next day. Does it go back to even is it worth? Like, what's that? What's that? Plus minus Amy. I don't know. I don't if you get a hangover. Do you wish you hadn't drink? Yeah. Are mike. Why why did I have too much? I don't drink with the goal of like, I mean at this point in my life. It's not like drinking to just get hammered. So I guess if I do I look at like, what did I drink? What what brand was it is it off like was it worth it? I don't know, Bobby. It's been a while. It's never worth it. It's not worth. No. Like, the hangover is terrible. It's like it's almost like you just wanna get sick. Oh, I have an example that not being your middle. You don't think about while? You're drinking. You're like, oh, yeah. Can't wait for tomorrow. But the next day you're like, I'm never drinking again. And then come up Friday again, you do it all over. Okay. Then what's the pl-? Like if the plus is a seven like fun goes up to the seven meter. What's the minus on the miserable meter? I don't understand. Yeah. But I have an example of where it can be. Okay. You get Morgan number two. Now, I'm confused. I want to answer your meter question. How would I say this? Okay. If the enjoyment is a seven you get up to seven being drinking, right? It's like that much fun. Yes. Drunkenness go higher. Let's go eight like you have that much fun that it gets up to an eight the nights at eight because you've got drunk. Yup. Then what's the miserable? The next day on the scale of just being miserable on the other side. Oh, eight okay. I got it. Eight is fun so much fun. The miserable is at ten. It's more. It's more of the miserable. Her. Why would you do it? If it's more like if it's a ten on that side. Why would you go one for that for ever wants to drink the day that they're hung over? It's four days later when they're literally people say the day, they're hung over that minute there. Like, I'm never drinking again. I'm sure everyone says that come Friday, you don't even remember saying that your thoughts Morgan number two. I'm totally with that. Like, I always love it in the moment..

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