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Is national bullying prevention month. And I encourage everybody to be. Respect everyday live. What wait a minute there? I got what what month is this October is national bullying prevention month. What is bullying? You cannot be like joy Behar in the view, and mock English is not her native language, but how many languages should know like seven five. I think she is five languages. After she made that intro. The president Wachter down off the platform to her seat in the front row. He held her hand and walked her down. And then he got up to the Mike and should five languages. She speaks so many languages. And does it also. Well. It was kinda cool kinda gave his wife some props. But that that's Logan be best. I wish he would have made that a little less clunky. Like be best be best. It just sounds like something's missing word be baths. What? Beatha best. So many people around her like so taken by her power and fame and money. And that they and then she's obviously smart we know that are the nobody wants to raise their hand and say Melanie do mind if we add the the middle excuse me, Florida's we need an article in the middle between the b and the best like be the best that would work out. But no, it's be best other courage to bring it up. Oh, gosh. That's funny. All right. But we love the first lady. So I I do think she's making strides. She's attempting and maybe she to do the right thing. And maybe she also doesn't speak out as much in public because people do teeth her. You know, they make wasn't the view making fun of her accent recently. Yeah. Yeah. And her clothes, and they got bad because when she was in Africa recently, she wore a pith helmet. Everybody seems to neglect is there's a story out there. She was doing a Ralph Lauren photo shoot when she wore the pith helmet. And that might have been the choice of the costumer the Saint L. The pith helmet is a sign of colonialism. It's once again a dog with a dog whistle to Donald Trump's racism with his wife, Lena, colonial pith helmet. And all I can think of is my mail man, walks the streets in the summer with a pith helmet on. Why why the offended says is you call them are they like taking hallucinogenics or something because the conspiracy theories they come up with their like, the body language people that Malania was three inches from his thigh and seemed to jerk her hand away forcefully showing that she not only does it love him. She hates his guts. Like, they just come up with things that are so ridiculous. Does anybody believe this who we believe we know they don't and you find that they're just reaching and grasping? And remember somebody does always say did your does your insurance have harbor practic coverage because you were going to need to see a doctor after you each that far again what about the David Schwimmer guy? Oh, I love this story. You David Schwimmer guy or Turkey knocking lady off motorcycle. I think we have to do David Schwimmer, but we could go really fast. I want them both. Okay. There's a look alike a David Schwimmer lookalike who's. Wanted in England for stealing beer, and you look at the Facebook post from the Blackpool police department in England there's the suspect carrying a case of beer, and it looks just like David Schwimmer. Well, this got David Schwimmer and he posted. No, I wasn't there. Here's a picture of where I was. I swear wasn't me. Okay. That is hilarious. The fact that he really updated gave like an alibi. Okay. What about the Turkey knocking the woman off of the motorcycle woman riding, a small motorcycle in New Hampshire, and she's just minding your own business? She gets hit by Turkey a flying Turkey broker hand. And she works as a Mason. But she said, you know, I got to keep the Turkey. So everything's okay. My gosh. That's hilarious. Okay. I have a sweet story we have like a minute and a half left. I'm gonna give my story. I I love it. So it was a construction worker. I'm Jeff he's building something out of hospital, and he sees eight year old Gloria in the window while she's bored. So she's watching all these ironworkers do something, you know, up high on at the hospital, and they're redesigning the front entrance an iron work. It's, you know, dangerous work. And so he he wrote a little note that said lady in the window, and then he wrote get well. And then she put a note later of it said to the men working that she'd been watching stay safe, and apparently that's their lingo. That's their like code for don't break a leg. Stay safer for ironworkers. You know, not falling not getting hurt. Stay safe on the job. And they were all really touched by. So they snapped photos. She ends up getting out of the hospital. And then the next day a woman stops by the construction site. We don't know if it's linked to the older lady, but she had an envelope of money to the steel workers could buy lunch, and it just happened to be random act of acts of kindness day. And I just thought it was sweet just a sweet little note to a little old lady in her writing back, and it just I Mike reminds me of I just yesterday. My daughter, faith, stayed home. We hear a knock on the door. Our neighbor homeschool seven kids one she adopted two were foster for her own home schooler, and they made cookies for my daughter who was homesick for the day. And they were delicious. How lovely those are both grade stories I can't believe you stumped me. And also ask me out. My too stupid stories. Don't hold a candle to.

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