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It and we can justify it because look at. We're we're projecting in revenue because of increased attendance and increased is television stuff. And I know there's a whole mess mess still going on. And then they're gonNA get their money itself so in the value of the franchise even though we'd never intend to sell it. It's going to be in the family for four decades and generations to come. The value of the franchise is going to go up Maybe we we change for this specific person because you know what we do know who this person is. He's our own. He's a great player. He's a star player. He's clutch player. He's a low maintenance player. He's a great teammate. He's a beloved loved player. That just went through a month along with Strasbourg that is we talked about the other day matches. Maybe only Reagan's in January of eighty eighty three forms of postseason all time performances. And maybe you know this is the one. We've we've veer off our normal track for but I don't think think that clearly there's also in there a little bit of a defiance you know like we proved it to you that we could do it by not by structuring. The deals feels that we want them structured. The players don't like it. We'll win without him. We won without Harper. We can win without random. I do. I would like to understand more about the structure. These deals because It was made I was told yesterday maybe or maybe this morning that there is interest interest payments involved in this in this deferred money. I'd love to know what that interest rate is because you can do the math on this and I'm not suggesting that Boris and don't don't do the math on this clearly. The deferred contract structure is not as appealing as a structure that doesn't have deferred money. That's obvious to anybody. Basically you're not getting the value value of that money today in the value of that money working for you for the next many years. It's working for them because they're holding onto it and they're not paying you for another ten in fifteen years or whatever it is and in parks case you know. It was reported that the last payment of the deferred money was in twenty fifty two. Yeah which I can understand that that would be a bit of an off-putting way to present a deal at some. If if you want to feel truly wanted it. That's not the kind of deal that's going to convince somebody Eddie that that that they should stay right now the Strasbourg you know. He didn't have a problem with it but remember. He didn't have a problem in two thousand seventeen or twenty sixteen signing a deal that was much under market value writing to most. He wants to be here yes you know so they were going to have to come up with something different. We're GONNA find out By the way I would think at some point and buried in have that information if they ever came back in up there offer from the September offer of two hundred and fifteen million over seven years. I would assume that after what he did in October. That that offer Went up some. If they had a new offer that it went went up at some level call. I wouldn't assume that you would now. Okay well because if you just said that they came back and they offer to twenty five for seven. You're talking about in real dollars before you get to the deferred. It was a true seven year to twenty five the difference difference of three million a year between that in the angels offer. I know and that's where you get your like really. Yeah but again. It's not you know that's not the way to compare it because the nets that's author would have had significant deferred money right He's GonNa be He's GonNa be missed. You know I think heart. I know that people think they won. The World Series is because Harper wasn't here. I don't really understand that. That mindset. Maybe it's true. Maybe the law the clubhouse was different may be it lent itself to more you. You know Winning Environment Without Harper. There I don't. I don't get that. I think Harper was a great player by the way turned out to have a pretty damn good year in his first year in Philadelphia. L. Fia but They had they had robe. Licensed in Soto. They're you know they have sort of an answer. They don't really have an answer here unless of course worse. They're GONNA do what everybody thinks they're going to do in that is go out and pay a thirty four year. Old One hundred million over four years right and Donaldson and you don't know how he's GonNa fit right well. He's apparently a different different character. Yeah Yeah so you don't know how he's GONNA fit in to a remarkable. I mean the best chemistry that national team has ever had at this point. Why that's why? How Kendrick WanNA reasons? Howie Kendrick wanted to come back right? Because he recognized that this was something unique and something special. Oh that you can't necessarily replicate anyplace else Again you know the time to sign learn. The time Simon Dawn was before four. He went to free agency at any point. They could have done that. They knew what kind of player he was You know he he capitalized on. MVP caliber season. But even before that he he was a terrific player and again they knew their money wouldn't be wasted they might overspend. They might pay. They might have paid him more than they thought he was worth but their money would not have been wasted at that point so oh so now now we move on and then we. We're not moving on yet because because we got to see how the national because we with you just have to remember what this dude did over the month of October I know he hits three twenty eight he had three home runs and fifteen. Rbi He is. He hit a home run in the eighth that cut it to three two two. Before Sodas home run in game five against the dodgers. He had the home run against cranky. That basically led. Aj hinch to believing that was just a mess which may have been the key. Winning that Game God did he deliver. It could argue. They don't win. The World Series Without Rendell Dahlie delivered in such a way that I don't know it's appealing to me in the same way. Collide Leonard's appealing to me. It's like there's no there's no look at me there's no self-absorption there's there's no craziness on social media. You knew what you had in him. You had a first class clutch performing a player who right is entering his prime. At that point he's twenty nine years old he's entering his prime and there's certain level that would to think that that you can just go out and replicate this by getting another player. You try to tell them. They're being arrogant right. After they won the world series and they can point to all of these massive real estate properties and developments in communities that they own it which is why they're real estate business. They are the richest owners reports in all of baseball. And how many how. How many billions are they worth? What what what level? I don't know I don't know why I I don't know either skits billions. I know it's probably five at least I'm going to look that up. I I remember reading this recently You know maybe Rendong also just like some more laid-back lifestyle like I was thinking about the whole in a you mentioned you know southern California in the the Christian thing in Orange County but man when you live in southern California in Orange County you're playing in Anaheim and you can go you know and and hang out at Newport Beach Laguna beach and some of those places that are like twenty minutes away thirty minutes away. What's wrong what's wrong with doing nothing talk with Dewi Beach? Nothing's wrong with Bethany beach at all. But maybe you know maybe the lifestyle you know something you know that fits his instead. Certain certainly what we see outwardly. This personality of Total laid-back. Calm you know easy going. You know yell it's maybe in like like the rat race in the real difficult media market that is Washington DC crazy. I'm not crazy about that. But what's interesting is Last spring when he met with reporters Ran Don't basically went out of his way to say. Boris works for me. Okay remember that yes. Yeah and and again I think that the not know deferred money was strictly a random thing because Boris's use so working with the learns done on it I read did I mean did Harper basically tell Boris and the thing about the corporate deferred but but again the Harford deferred. Money was not as an was. Not The figure that everybody repossess which you've said well it's true. Okay I mean it wasn't one hundred dollars in the Strasbourg. Sure Zor rendition tone deferred. Yes it was it was it was so much deferred money and so out in the future that it was almost an offer that he couldn't accept. Well all all I know is the present. According to the Players Union form formula the present day value of that deal was two hundred sixty seven million dollars which is which is which is around three million short of the phillies offer right but also right about his story three hours more than what Boris's media minions reported okay. They reported it was one hundred. Eighty million dollars present-day value. We're parsing millions of dollars year million dollars sixty seven seven three thirty three thirty to sixty seven and one eighty oh I I was comparing it to the phillies and I'm comparing it to what I actually reported by by Bore Senate and his media army was they found was who was it that reported the hundred eighty eighty. It was VERTUCCI. Yeah that it was basically came out to one hundred eighty four million and that's not true two hundred sixty seven million. Okay Goodbye. Anthony still not a move to convince a guy to stay no matter what you say and again you know I mean this. There's there's a level of arrogance at play here instead of having the vision to say You know it's it's like being in the Strip club and you finally get in the VIP. I P room. Oh God don't do that. And and now you gotta stay in the VIP room. No no no no no not. The rooms are trapped. He got that away you can try to get in you finally got the VIP room. Now what are you going to do to stay right. Stay Away from the VIP Aka the Champagne Lounge. Stay away from it. It's a trap all right it when we when we come back like like. I'm breaking radio after this three. We're GONNA talk a little Bill Callahan. And and what he said yesterday about Twain Haskins and Josh Norman but first a quick word about mybookie DOT AG. It's an exciting time for sports. You got Thursday night football Aaron and I gave you out to free winners yesterday. Didn't we Aaron Illinois Rutgers We did give those out on the podcast right. y'All we definitely measure them they were. They were odd-looking king point spreads like the Maryland Penn state line was the night before rutgers won outright beating Wisconsin last night is a favourite and Illinois won outright beating Michigan again as a one and a half point favorite. I don't have anything for you. Tonight have already looked at the College Basketball Board. There really aren't any games. I was state plays Iowa And I don't like the foul tell you right now on the smell test no pick tonight. Although that line for the jet a Raven game keeps going up at sixteen and a half. Now Jackson's GonNa play. What is almost is? It's almost the line that the Baltimore Colts had over the New York jets and Super Bowl. Seventeen I think it was seventeen. Seventeen point in nineteen now wasn't neither nineteen. I might have been eighteen. It was it was seventeen. And then the chiefs. I think were thirteen. And a half or fourteen are the vikings were the next next year for the chiefs and then there's also one so that that's a Baltimore lot line that's close to the super bowl line there. You Go So it is an exciting time of the year. The holiday time all the football all sports going on great time.

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