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And really you'd be hard pressed to find a single one where Howard breaks any contact before he hits the third level. And so all our is of runs it's because of the blocking before him now again doing good job hitting the holes. He has some Bill. Eighty to press the line of scrimmage to manipulate blockers. Well, it's hit or miss depending on the concept. He's good on vertical styles stuff wide zone. And traps. Some of the best place that I saw him run and those are place that Philadelphia's getting gift from him. When I say why zone specifically I'm talking about the ability to cut wide zone backup field Howard's not going to be following the wide zone track outside the way Jay Ajayi would. And that's an important thing to bring up Howard may take the Ajayi role being the primary ball carrier. But I cannot emphasize this enough charlatans believe JJ, Jordan Howard or similar players. It's not it's just not the case Ajayi and Howard can run similar concepts and have some similar traits, but aja is athleticism and ability to break tackles made him a remarkably different player than Jordan Howard, number one. He's just more dynamic. He's a better runner when the balls in his hand. He's more dangerous. He produces better number two on like Howard aja doesn't stupid stuff in the backyard. So nice because he has the athletic ability. Things can get away with it versus Howard very much. Just stick to the script player. And that's another part of the problem. Howard really struggles against penetration when things blow up in his primary. Read is in trouble Howard runs directly into contact a lot. He's kind of bright bulldoze put your head down. You can get don't get upset sort of runner. So again, a lot of stuff there that isn't bad. It isn't wrong. Like, it's very hard to poke clips for the article writing on him because so many of them are just vanilla. But there's very little that he brings that gets you excited. So you really like if Jordan Howard is gonna be a big part of the eagles offense number one. You don't really want it to big part of the eagles offense..

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