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Hundred two eight three one zero one point five Steve trevelise, Samna producers. Macking? Why is in here? We're talking about celebrities that you meant as a kid my kids went down. So good morning football weekend hung out. We might out wolf Steve Smith. Michael Robinson Penn State quarterback. Michael Robinson watching. Thanks, matt. To my giants of history giant young Matthew way. But that we we've been going to giant games basically since I've been about five years old. So I met I've met LT before and that was a pretty cool one. And then I don't know why I love that nine hundred ninety seven giants team that they kind of overachiever and they only Hilliard Tiki horn before word. Word. Many canal the quarterback. Assault. I met. Yeah. Monte tumor and seahorn and those guys like this is kind of a combination. Like, they were all like the giants players were always so cool. They were very accommodating. I mean, even LT with the same way my kids went to the selector Landon Collins celebrity softball game. Yeah. We were on the field. They were so nice. Patient. Two years ago, we brought my my young nephews to training camp. And they did it was wide receivers that day signing. So they they all signed fro Dell. Dell signed for them rather. And he was so nice that my my nephew just started crying because he dropped he dropped his football. Got him to autograph ones that has the autographs that the white on it. He dropped it underneath the the barrier. He thought he was gonna knock it assign. Odell grabbed in signed it, and you know, made a joke. It was really nice nice, man. He said, what are you crying about little man? And he just like it was really really cool about it. We were at the Landon Collins thing what I did. I was smart this time because they gave each one and kids are football the Super Bowl team playing against the this year's team, and I gave each kid of football and a sharpie and one of them was a Super Bowl with the white panels. Go get him yet. So they will like they're like kids at Christmas. In fact, I wanna thank. So someone listens to the shell. And was on the field and source in the stands and gave us four passes on stage on field to get the kids in there. That's also what happened was so so they're running around like crazy. And I'm smart, I got my phone and I'm backing him up because they would sign the football. And then take the ask for the selfie. Yup. And while this is happening. I'm just watching and everything they're doing. I'm like. Taking pictures of them doing this. Yeah. Lenny my son Lennon, loses the saquon Barkley autograph. I mean the picture, and he's crying. He's aches is in this the food area. Teas. So I'm getting food and my wife says, you know, landing laws and say, I tell my worry, I got it. And I go back there, and I showed him the picture of me taking the picture of of those two and Lennon's got the picture of him in Barclay. You could see it and his phone. Great awesome. So cool. Who'd you meet it was really horrible. What I did in my opinion now because growing up when I grow grow up outside of Detroit. I was a big rubbings fan. I still am. And so we're met an octopus. I wish so we were just at home whatever, and my mom gets a call from a friend be like, oh my God. You gotta get down to the rink right now nNcholas Trump's here watching his kids play. And I realized him growing up. He was my favorite player. I was probably ten years old. My mom get packs me and my sister in the car and we drive down the rink. I play at. So we get down there. And it's my buddies better team since I wasn't any good playing. And we were like all right go in there and find him. I'm like me go in there and find your job. I'm too scared to do that. So she's like no you have to do. And I can't do it for you. So walking around walking around. I finally find him sitting there by himself like nobody running they just the nicest normal looking guy. Nobody's around him for some reason. And I wait. So there's like a stoppage in the action. And I go over to them like. How.

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