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Connected to stay informed Cho, Mo Saturday. Good afternoon. It is 12. 02 I'm Kelly Blow with the top local stories from the Comb 0 24 7 News Center. Officials in Oregon accused the Department of Homeland Security of illegally picking up peaceful protesters in unmarked vans and detaining them without charges. More from ABC is Andrew Dim, Bert. For weeks, Portland police and protesters have been entangled in conflict following the death of George Floyd. Now federal agents are stepping in and some being accused of abusing their power. Local and state leaders like Governor Cape Brown want them out. It's absolutely unacceptable that they're deploying federal officials for political purposes. Thie, Oregon attorney general filing a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies. Alleging they seized and detained Oregonians without probable cause, and we're getting reaction to the death of civil rights icon John Lewis. Seattle Police chief Carmen Best says his legacy inspires me to promote justice and reform for a better world. Country and state City and Seattle Police Department and Congressman Pramila Jaipal says from sitting in at lunch counters to riding for freedom across the deep South from crossing that bridge in Selma Toe walking these halls in Congress, John Lewis was a true American hero who never stopped fighting for what is right. Detectives investigating the death of both a police officer Jonathan Shoop, now say it appears he was killed by his partner who was returning fire on a suspect, officer Aaron Snell, with the Snohomish County multiple agency response team says They've been chasing a man who opened fire on the driver's side of the patrol car. We believe that multiple shots were fired from inside of that vehicle. Endearing that the training officer officer come sure. Fired multiple times with one of those shots, striking and killing the officer. Shoot in that crossfire. He says, Officer Mustafa Come sure was wounded in the head but is expected to be okay, Officer. Come sure Had been field training officer Shoot 37 year old suspect was caught and charged with first degree murder, Attempted murder and vehicular assault and unincorporated areas of Snohomish County will soon see a burn ban go into effect due to AH High fire danger with hot water, whether in the forecast that goes into effect on Wednesday morning, the restriction bands outdoor burning except for recreational fires. Some cities in the county, including Edmund's ever and Mill Creek, will also be under the burn band. Someone whose time is 12 04.

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