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Compared to what would it has been the past three years. Under my brown's ownership like there is a sense that you know. There is an awareness of who the fans are in what they want. I think we have seen that difference. Obviously that's not going to be tremendously recognized by the fan. Base has a whole until the progress on the field steps in. But it's never been relieved. watchmen were to that is the organizations as his job course but that is. That's the coach's that's the players themselves the front office. They can only do so much in terms of how to dictate the onfield results. Go after they build the roster. There have always been things they can do to enhance fan experience enhance fan loyal ship in loyalty. Even when the results are bad results had not been good in the last few years but that has not stopped the progress in terms of fan engagement from increase in. So i think over the past couple years we have seen enough progress region. Click the button here. I agree just one quick little side note. You mentioned elizabeth blackburn. I know she's become quite quite the rockstar and rightfully so within that organization. I think you know you mentioned a lot of the mega fans that are out there and that experience that you were able to be a part of the uniforms i think quite honestly and i could be way off as just a weird little theory of my own but i kinda like it almost seems that elizabeth went to ownership or others within the front office and said look our fan base. I don't know if you guys realize how rabid this fan bases. I don't know if you realize loyal this fan base is in some of these people that have big followings in Do all kinds of different things covering the team. All i think she kind of opened. Some is gonna. Wow that's these are. These people are are not about our football team. You know and so i think that kind of help create a conversation to say we need to get some of these people more involved in what we're doing and not be so. Close the gate on everybody you know. And i think they've done a good job of recognizing that that's kind of who they were and that's not really who they wanna be anymore. Brian in isla says the few the proud. I mean basically like i don't know what how. How much dangles. Fans there are in america compared to every other fan base. But i do know that who the is like the sixth largest uk following for nfl. Team and i don't know any other. Nfl team or any other fm base that rallies. You know hundreds of fans to canton. Ohio to protest in support their legends forbidding the hall of fame. Say what you want about. Bengal gyms efforts. But you don't really see that from a lot of the fan bases because now all of the fan base is have to go through that trouble to gain attention for their respective players. So like this is a unique fan base for unique franchise. I think like you said elizabeth has open is in for front office to recognize that. It's fun that poll. That is that Paul dana junior j morrison of the athletic put out there. I think it was on twitter and you can go on their website to go to go take. That bowl varies very thought. Inducing questions there so check that out and they always do great work and go get yourself a paid subscription to the athletic to get the great work that they provide their support for this episode comes from locker room the app. That's changing the way we talk. Sports locker room is a sports fans. Dream come true. It's a live audio platform that lets you connect with other fans.

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