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It is one of the things that people say about salinger i felt he was the first person who understood me and that's exactly what i you're reading that lara's the time for such a blue that serve our heedless of these would just such a time of give me some great music i word that's what people come back and me with the music of the film and just watch the deuce that's for 70s felt wikileaks well joyce listen i've got to wrap this up it has been a a sheer privilege to talk to you i while i earlier i hope that your listeners will go to my website and well thing allegory where they're going to tweet you that's what i asked the matter here to three g and then you tell him to go the rush claim i n and lend new and then you've got to go get the book and let's all go read the at home in the world i am a man of the rest of us play in the best service for sure that those rolled assignments for me and the followed royce actress maynard negotiators meter dot com and the of we'll talk again okay i thank you so much for calling times in topics follow the show on twitter doctor for replied gassed that's d r d r e w podcast music from today's episode can be found on the swinging sounds of the documentary podcast now available on i two and while you're there don't forget her great the show the doctor drew podcast as a corolla digital production hennessy produced by chris lots him on it and gary smith for more information go to doctor drew dot com paul conversation at race exchange during the participation in the dock of your podcast is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only did not confuse this with three men or medical adviser direction nothing on this podcast supplement or supersede relationship interaction of your medical caretakers other dr drew is a licensed physician what's nasty board certifications by the american board of internal medicine in the american board of dichavez and he's not functioning as a physician in this environment the singaporebased any professionals who may appear on the podcast or dr dot com.

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