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Can Josh Johnson do anything? I mean the Redskins. There must win. They're not eliminated. So they have to win as well. Curious to see if they can do anything. All right. Let's go to the the Saturday night game. The ravens of the chargers. Right. So when we look at ravens and chargers and Keenan Allen may or may not play Melvin Gordon likely to play Austin echo, probably not going to play. But I want to go more on the Baltimore side of things. Baltimore's fort one since Lamar Jackson has taken over. They are running. I almost want to call it antiquated. It feels like a wing tea style of offense where the quarterback is is not really much of a threat to to throw the ball. And when he does it's it's lackluster at best in Baltimore beat the chargers playing that way. Well, they not. Yes. Or no is the answer. What I'm trying to say Keith we've talked about it before about how sometimes we see teams rely too much on the pass. Right. And they go that direction well because of Lamar Jackson than what you just said. The ravens are rushing more than anybody right now on the NFL, and it's it's working when they're taking their toll. They're imposing their will and taking their toll in the midst game. So what that does it? It takes some of the pressure off Lamar Jackson. You're not forcing him to win a game for you. Just need him to make a few plays which you can do with his legs and with his arms charger team. They they don't play the same at home. They played better on the road than they do at home. I know there's not much of a discrepancy record wise. But they just they're not the same at home. I'm curious to see how they respond tomorrow night. I think getting Melvin Gordon back. We'll give them a big boost. But back to Baltimore the running. Well, the defense. They're great, very opportunistic. I'm curious to see though, if Lamar Jackson struggles at some point do they bring Joe flacco win. What do they do? That's going to be interesting because they got to win two box and Cowboys a sneaky good game for a few reasons. Fantasy wise I guess Tampa Bay you got some some players that could be your jammed ship. I guess, but a Dallas cowboy side things you're looking at team that if they win they win the NFC east.

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