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That's leon bridges where the artists appearing at the monterrey international pop festival on its fiftieth anniversary and bridges is doing a treaty to otis redding who electrified the crowd back in 19th sixty seven and some ways this is the most important to me at least a musical event for the summer of love anniversary because it made so many reputations of bans that were coming out of the bay area at monterey pop was also the prototype for the modern rock festival looked so great about monterey pop was that it made so many reputations jimi hendrix steve miller janez joplin and big brother in the holding company you know the festival made these people stars and a lot of the artist appearing in this year are going to be doing tributes to the great performers of fifty years ago so leon bridges who we just heard is channelling otis redding you know blues guitarist gary clark jr is going to be our jimi hendrix a few hours to returning to the festival to fill lash who performed with the grateful dead booker t jones who played with booker in the mg i love them and eric burden of the animals unification of this weekend to screamed the movie moderate pop and look for the otis redding section he's just riveting the monterey pop festival begins this afternoon and continues through sunday and the city of san francisco is putting on its own summeroflove concert in golden gate park at the conservatory of flowers with a free concert with members of the jefferson airplane the chambers brothers moon allison others plus allied show it's wednesday june 21st in golden gate park at the conservatory flowers.

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