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Jane Addams die to ninety than the I. three fifty five south to I. fifty five north to U. S. route forty five into the job site west Lawndale Avenue island I'm Reid burly community corners on WGN radio with WGN sports here's Dave in it well the bears have more hall of Famers than any other franchise they've just added a couple more ads sprinkled defensive end linebacker the forties and fifties and Jimbo covert latest member of the eighty five team beget Kattan worked were name this morning is part of the hall of fame in centennial class that already was known to include coaches Jimmy Johnson and bill Cowher the bears announced yesterday they'll hold training camp at Lake Forest from now on rather than go to Bourbon a team says they'll still be opportunities for fans more information to come in the spring the Blackhawks started slow but finished strong in Ottawa Jonathan tape scored in overtime the hawks beat the senators three to our Xfinity X. five Blackhawks board Dominic Belleek scored Weiss caves and Patrick Kane each had a pair of assists robin letter twenty saves talks are at Montreal tonight pregame at six face off six thirty on WGN college basketball last night to Paul rallied late to force overtime but lost to Villanova seventy nine seventy five blue demons following for the big east they have beaten Villanova since two thousand eight I will beat northwestern seventy five sixty two beyond twenty seven from big ten scoring leader Luka Garza Miller cop had fifteen for the Wildcats we shot just thirty six percent they fall to one and five in Big Ten Conference play the bulls were off they will be at home tonight against Washington Alex Cora out as manager of the Boston Red Sox following the signs stealing investigation in Houston back in football Carolina linebacker Luke Keatley announces his retirement seven time pro bowler eight seasons in the NFL is says it's time to call it quits he did have a history of concussions Dave edit WGN spoil your money on WGN just about twenty minutes before the opening bell on Wall Street Dow futures are off nearly eighty points the nasdaq S. and P. futures are lower as well this is the day the U. S. on in China sign that phase one trade deal US wholesale prices up a slight one tenth of a percent in December as a jump in the cost of energy was offset by falling food prices and the cable network WGN America will reportedly launch a three hour prime time news program this summer based here in Chicago.

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