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Folks in San Diego and those coming here to town. So we start with our reminders from the San Diego fire departments and fire captain Alma Lowry. Please be very cautious of your firework. They are not allowed in the city of San Diego or the county of San Diego anywhere in the county or city. They are illegal. Be very cautious with just a young children that are around them. They're very pretty. They're fun, but also very, very dangerous. Very hot. And they remain hot after they have earned, we ask that adults and older children, if you do find fireworks, you can turn them into any city of San Diego fire station or any fire station in San Diego county, no questions asked. There's a lot of chemicals in there that stay hot, the Wix stays the product well after it burns. A lot of these fireworks are manufactured not in the United States. So the problem is there's no regulations on those fireworks. They're brought into the United States. They're sold and you don't know what you're getting. When you purchase them. So that's why they are so dangerous. We ask that you please go to one of the larger commercial tones that are out there. If you will have shows, there's a big bay boom. There are shows in south bay and north county. We ask that you as a family attend one of those shows and you got to do your own fireworks shows at home. And we're reminding people that fireworks are illegal in the city and county of San Diego. And if you do find fireworks and they brought to your attention and you have them, don't keep them in your home, bring them to the closest fire station. There's no questions asked. So fireworks illegal in both the city and county of San Diego here this weekend San Diego fire captain Alma Lowry on the beaches. The San Diego police department and captain Scott wall with their reminders. This is gearing up to be a wonderful weekend down here in our beaches. So sending a police car has a full game plan in place. We've got officers coming from throughout the entire city to work out here. We've got enough police officers to handle all of the fun festivities during the daytime and we'll have enough fosters out here at nighttime to address the bar areas as well as some of the bonfires that we have out on the beach area. We do want to remind everybody there is no alcohol day or night out on the beach. If you're going to have a bonfire, it has to be within the city designated bonfire rings. We will be out this year working in partnership with our lifeguard doing boat inspections. If you're going to rent a boat or a jet ski, make sure you're doing it through one of the brick and mortar type facilities, not some of these businesses that are online that are not licensed business. One, they do not provide the training that is necessary to they don't always have the safety equipment and three oftentimes we find that their equipment is malfunctioning. We've had both in jet skis that have leaks in them and it presents the hazard out in the waters. We also see a lot of times people don't remember or are there unaware that there is no smoking out on the beach. It's one common unknown ordnance, but there is no smoking on the beach. We want to make sure that people coming out there aren't aware of that. So, you can please captain Scott wall saying bonfires again only inside official city fire pits, no drinking, no smoking at the beaches here for the holiday weekend as they get set here to keep people safe through Monday and the 4th of July. We also talked this week with county supervisor, Nora Vargas, about the update to what has been increased more accurate testing at the beaches. There have been some mayors, including an imperial beach, search Adina, and coronado, Richard Bailey, who said that the increased more accurate testing and actually led to more beach closures because they were finding more things that perhaps have been there in years past out of Tijuana out of Mexico, the sewage problem in the south bay, but just were being picked up by testing. Well, the good news is the county has said, okay, we're going to put signs out to provide people with the warnings, knowing what is in the water, but those beaches can remain open in many more cases than they were a couple of months ago. Now there's some categories which include advisory warning enclosure and bees are going to allow folks to know any contamination that is in the beach so that they can make their own decision on whether or not they want to go into. Again, send you a supervisor Nora Vargas. Now what we can do is take a folks, not a good idea for you to go to the beach at all. Closure completely, or actually there's some contamination, but the public healthcare advisory is that you can actually go in there, it's going to be okay. Again, enjoy this 4th of July holiday weekend in San Diego for those coming in from out of town. Welcome. Thank you for coming for those here. Thank you for listening all year long. We'll continue to be together here in 2022. Enjoy it from news radio 600 kogo on Jack cronin

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