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Denise she's cracking me up. I'm so glad she's on this show. She's so good does nothing. But she's so good. And for those of you who are like, how dare you? Call her trailer park. She was hanging out with miss. Vicki gumbleton this weekend. So don't argue with me. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And half these women are about to go on a trip on an RV. Anyway, so enough. So then Denise she's like thinking, I feel bad for Lisa mainly because she's not having sex every morning at five AM, but on top of that, no one likes anymore. So I think there's been a miscommunication. And I wanna it. I've, you know, I have a lot of experiencing a mediator because I've had a lot of fucking mediation with my ex images. Smiles I love that. She says the history, and then just smiles at us like you know, what I mean? Oh sang she starts crying because her kid tax Asif. She can go to the dance. She's still bad. I feel like fucked up a lot with their dad. You know? Time just go so fast. And it's so hard to go from fucking up with her dad now just fucking new dad. God, it's hard. Sore. You know, you did the best you couldn't from my perspective. I wouldn't change his thing. Because everything that's happened in my life. As led me to you. I'm like well. Yeah. I mean, everything in your life has gotten better and better better. Yeah. Mr. life at our magnetism consultancy favor. Fair whatever it is. And by the way, gave him way too much inflection. Okay. Because it was more. Like, it's okay, baby. They'll always be your daughters. Act to you, baby. Every road leads back to you. Maybe. She's like, you're not a parent, and he goes, well, maybe I got kids floating around out there. I don't know. And she just stares at him. And he's like, I am kidding. She's she's like with addict like that. I know you ain't fucking kidding. And I'm okay with it. I'm okay with it. Hello. This is Lisa Renouf. We even had coming up. So you'd better listen to it baby..

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