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Back here for the bottom of the second from initial stadium river dogs unable able to tack onto their lead still lead it one to nothing here in hagerstown maryland ronnie garcia who pitched a one two three bottom of the first chef deface the clean up man anderson franco you're open up his second spinning pits that mrs outside for ball number one ronnie will fall behind on francke with two twenty two battle with a pair of home runs right handed power bat taking a straight fastballs splitting the plate for strike number one to even it up franck the nationals number twenty eight prospect is he watches one fate outside to balls in once reich he is a player who has dealt with some injuries in his past native of bani in the dominican republic signed in two thousand thirteen he hits one below his feet in the batter's box breath ball that makes it even to into franca missed most of the two thousand and sixteen season due to a back injury is that what is spiny the offshoot batter's box into the dirt three balls into shrinks spent all the two thousand seventeen in hagerstown clubbed eleven home runs forty one walks which were both amongst the top three on the team last year sixty three rbi second on his sons ballclub last year canada miss as ronnie's able to run one right by him strikeouts swinging garcia's i in the book here tonight six pitches to get rid of franck oh one man damage four in a row retired for out of the gates and now he will face nick banks i will give you tonight's umpires making the calls presented by biztv communications this afternoon as a check swing by banks able to hold up and take a ball inside brandin bloem is behind the plate here calling the balls and strikes mad baldwin switching places down the first baseline san what's taken down nimitz the two man umpiring crew had a municipal stadium here tonight presented by biz vox make the right call for your business with biztv vox communications your complete business communications provider learn more at biz vox dot net or call eight four three seven four four six.

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