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Word 50 Americans to fly out of Kabul, Afghanistan in the coming hours, they will fly out on a Qatar Airways plane, according to Qatari official This will be the first commercial flight from Kabul's airport since it shut down after the U. S left Afghanistan and it would be a sign that the US has come to an agreement with the new Taliban rulers here at home. Hospitals are filling up with Covid patients again. Alarming numbers of Children are getting sick from the virus. And Covid deaths in some places are higher than they've been in the entire pandemic. This afternoon, the commander in chief rolls out a battle plan. White House press secretary Jen Psaki on what President Biden will say he's going to outline the next phase in the in Few months requiring more vaccinations, boosting important testing measures and more, making it safer for kids to go to school. AP correspondent Sagar Madani as the Delta Varian continues its march deaths per day are back to march levels and in some places at the highest levels of the pandemic. The jump has been breathtaking. The US recorded some 400,000 covid 19 cases in all of June. It took all of three days last week to reach the same number. Nearly 27,000 Americans died from the virus just last month. The death toll stands above 650,000. It's been raining heavily in parts of Georgia and South Carolina has tropical depression. Mindy makes its way across the region. Storm made landfall on Saint Vincent Island, Florida 11. More deaths reported in New Orleans from Hurricane Ida. The number known dead now in Louisiana is 26. This is a P news. Yeah. Solar energy could provide as much as 40% of the nation's electricity within 15 years that from a new report, the Energy Department says the U. S installed a record 15 gigawatts of solar generating capacity. Last year. It shifts toward a renewable dominant power grid to address the threat of climate change. Solar now represents just over 3% of the electrical supply, but Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm says solar could produce enough to power all homes in the US by 10. 2035 to do that. However, the department's Renewable Energy laboratory says the country would need to quadruple that's an year old solar capacity. Installing 30 gigawatts per year between now and 2025, double the current rate and 60 gigawatts double again over the following five years. Ben Thomas Washington The Dow dropped 68 points yesterday, the S and P lost five. The NASDAQ lost 87 points. I'm Rita Foley. ABP.

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