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I have anthony on this team over biggio right now that is just because of the actual linebacker definitely you talk to a stupar mahdi and big hill special teams guys right so do you want to go into the season with just four guys who've been rotate into those three linebacker spots too little scary yeah i hear you but the reason why again is because michael mahdi and needs to par were the guys on special teams that they were going to have as core guys i don't know about needs stupar in his injury will be back for week one and that's why i had a big hill can spell need stupar in the kicking game so that's why i have mona honest rosser i absolutely agree to that you could have just kept sixyear you know and if i didn't if i if i wanted to add an offense of lyman and keep eight when i kept seven of out perhaps i want it if you're at 81 add nine the maybe only keep six linebacker so look adam it wouldn't surprise me either of adam big hill is cut either the i just need seven linebackers et la i'll save what i'm gonna say it's left you get your defensive backs i let's get to as more of a halt holistic kind of thing okay however if critique of your if your i can't wait a defensive backs eleven total fifty total rosser can't even karl von bell marcus williams chris banjo marshon lattimore delvine umbro pj williams davante harris ken crawley stolen more rafeal bush the surprise cut being damien swan practice squad candidates arthemon laps arthur molet and perhaps safety eric harris this is one of the toughest position group size up for me the saint lobbies net three line backing pack his please safety package that's why banja find his.

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