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So. I'm excited to have with us here. Today rick mcfarland. Who is the chief data officer at lexus. Nexus hi rick and thanks for joining us today. Thanks for having me. We'd like to start by having you introduce yourself to our listeners and tell them a little bit about your background and your current role at lexus. Nexus and maybe for folks. that aren't familiar with lexis. Nexis let them know what it is here. Serve as you mentioned. I am the chief chief data officer for lexus. Nexus and so this usually leads to the question of what you do and most parties i man and so basically i oversee the data governments governance data management data science data strategy. For all of lexis nexis manage. I manage the teams responsible for machine learning and ai development in most of our products and For those of you who those listeners. Don't know of lexis-nexis we actually Provide legal and analytical data all all around the world hundred and sixty two countries. So what else. Can i tell you why i'm also a phd statistician before joining lexus. In two thousand. And seventeen i was the chief data scientist at the hearst corporation. And before that. I was actually i worked for amazon. I manage the retail data warehouse teams and after that the kindle team so i've had kind of a diverse background before i found my way over here to the legal data space.

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