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A major ground beef distributor fell into the meat grinder. What reports by ABC news share that the witness who found her that morning a worker did? So after hearing strange noises from the machine in the north in the northern Pennsylvania factory when you coworker went that went to check on Jill after hearing noises. He found her inside the machine once help arrived. It took fire. Firefighters over an hour to take the machine apart and recover these small amount remains that were left supervisor thought he told her to put more effort into her work. I've been avoiding that story all week, John. I've seen the headline. Well, I'm here to bring you the heart headache stories the ones that hurt. You know, I feel like a story. Like that though. You don't really need the details. You know? Hey, what she grinder. We know what happens after that. Our to take the machine apart fine over by which wasn't very much the whole body winning. It went in what's her name, Patty? But then the other half to. Jill greenwich. Yeah. Was it? People think this is funny to people who are ready to just curl. You guys are human beings and animals. That's got to be one of the worst ways to go outside by getting by because you know, if you go in leg, I you're like you look down, and it's like. Ground. Yeah. Sorry when you die. You know, grammar's not I the first friend of mine for you, hope you hope it's still be with that woman. Even though she didn't use the right. I would not. People a phone in the friars before I think didn't happen tap it locally read has that's gross. Seth and I talked about something along these lines earlier in the week as far as what the proper protocol is when you have children inside a restaurant. What many people are very upset with a it's called the Mediterranean restaurant. It's in the UK with the new front page on their menu in alerts. Everyone in the restaurant read these rules before eating here. Children must.

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