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Film was made why he lives in las vegas of all places and his foundation that he said up called the handled foundation which a lot of the work that he does goes to the proceeds go to ronald foundations and so many things that he does including his own personal social media habits. All right let me know what you thought of this episode. Alex donald mind-blowing episode so fortunate to spend time with him don't forget six only rating shouted out to our donald piece. We're in boston at the wang theater. Second nightclub it's got this music blasting if you don't hear that and we're getting ready it's eight. Am yeah that's the thing that makes a real barely had breakfast. And there's like club music and tons of people with glow sticks very high energy. Do you have breakfast. Yeah yeah yeah. I always do breakfast most important today. Really yeah scott actually Yeah it totally depends on where am doing. I had breakfast. But i've been up since four thirty jet lag site china's some sort of on an unusual program. It's crazy so you're coming back from a tour of promoting your movie free so low right in china. What were you doing. Just in beijing doing crafts for two days. It was just Yeah it was just the film premiere and tons of I don't really know. Honestly that's kind of the the the beauty. The interest of traveling. Asia's you just never have any idea what's happening. Just people telling me what to do with no real sense of why. I'm doing it or who's asking what's happening continuing that here. Yeah exactly exactly. This is definitely more surreal scene than than anything in beijing. That is funny. It's crazy you're going to be speaking today. At hyper growth young. What are you going to be speaking about today. I'm going to be talking a bit about my whole journey reselling gap. He's probably fair to assume that a lot of people here have seen the film but go a little bit deeper into some of the backstory and just the process. You know the things that the film doesn't cover well when you watch this film. What's the feeling you've got like the rest of us. No definitely not. When i watched the film. It's like flipping through a scrapbook like it helps me remember all the actual things that happen. You know. it's obviously i mean. The film is is incredible but the mostly for me. It just reminds me of all things because the film is ninety minutes long and it was shot over two years. I mean there's a lot.

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