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Are you when you're looking at to put your players in certain places. Are you looking at teams and saying you know. Here's there must have. Here's a need. And how does that play out for you guys on the agency side. Yeah i think. I think it depends on the player's success up until that point. I think know if you take a player that has been extremely successful in their career. I don't think you're looking at the team's depth chart per se from the players perspective in terms of their opportunities successful. I think you do look at it from a leverage perspective to understand. Okay told michael just describe if this is something they must have that gives you the to maybe squeeze extra dollars out of them. I think when looking at teams must have one in need it becomes particularly relevant. I think at the the next level's below the blue chip free agent. Because you know. Especially like i mentioned this year. You got a player that is taking a one year deal you wanna see. What system do i fit in. What depth short looks good to me. What are the opportunities. I believe i can go in there and excel and so i think you are looking at those things. I think just from a different lens. You know i think blue chips. You're looking at it from the lens of how to negotiate the best contract and then for other players. I think you're looking for the best opportunity to be successful with the idea that maybe you can parlay that into a better contract. So that's how i see it. So michael one of the other things you mentioned recently. I can't remember if it was on. Gm shuffler in the athletic was the concept of free agency is a lot like wall street. And i think you talked about this and buffet. I was wondering if you and to me that fits right in line with business. Sports like a colliding if you could talk a little bit about how you view it from the asset management wall street perspective. It really is. We're talking about you have to evaluate a player is no different than the stock. Right you evaluate you got to put the actual great autumn. Aj's job is to make as much money with a player that he possibly can. It's it's not to make the team to do a friendly deal for the team. It's to make the most. I wire you as a representative. You improve your team but you also have to make sure your finances are in order. So you can't overextend yourself so i always viewed. My job is a little bit like a bank loan officer. You know if. I go and page as client way too much money. And he's back the services you know. I may be able to satisfy my list. But i have to get rid of this fire at a year. Because he's just were. I'm leverage too far out and not going to get the return on the dollar. So and then you've gotta be able to plant calculated game of chicken right every age. It'll tell you. I've got three more teams interested in the player you've got to figure out. Is that true. Or is that false. They're going to tell you. I've got three deals better than this one. You've got to figure out whether that's true or false you've got. It's kind of play the game okay. How teams think how did they. Hey you know. I got take an example. Dorie jackson decided huge contract with the giants and everybody wrote in the paper the next day that well he at a lot of big the eagles were going to be a team that was going to be strong and content..

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