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My favorite and then everyone's like that's that's exactly honestly that's exactly why didn't open mouth because I know what a fucking idiot I am and that's exactly what I would have done? You should come back and do end up is fine. You're so good at it. The Laugh Factory Eddie Murphy gotta go. Yeah Yeah I had a great story to. Tell anybody. I didn't tell them that either. Yes sometimes the it's like you're gonNA kick yourself either way driving home. It's either going to be because you said something stupid or because you didn't get involved and you didn't say anything at all. Yeah so maybe it's like how do you Kinda just let it go the COO? The cool part of this whole thing other than everything Was like tiffany. Took me there? But then tiffany got so tired. She fell asleep on his couch. And I was like. Who Don't want to wake up Ktichen. You took me home right and I and it's like three forty five in the morning now and I'm like I don't WanNa be like to get your address for an Uber and my head of all these scenarios like am. I going to sleep over at any Murphy's House. Oh my God Jimmy Pajamas. I could borrow and I'm like I'm not gonNA live here for the rest of my life didn't start. Your brain goes mental. Because you guarantee you Eddie Murphy is like Oh. I have pajamas like he seems like the kind of guy that would just give you if you needed pajamas. He'd have a setup Pajama. I feel like. He's Kinda smile and be like. Hey Man I'll see you later. Thank Goodness Arsenio was there and Arsenio goes all right. Y'All I'm Outta go. Hey would you get what you are you going to? Ours he goes. I'm going down to the valley. Go perfect can I get a ride to venture? Oh great in the corner like Beverly Glen Adventure. I'll take a new at the over from there. And then so he takes me. We Start Driving. Go here writer. Pullover goes I can leave you on the fucking corner Beverly Glen Venture like four in the morning. We're GONNA I'M GONNA Woodland Hills I go. That's perfect I'll go there and then I'm a mile away from there. Yeah because I'll just take you home. That's nice and I was like. Wow So tiffany took me and Arsenio Birmingham. There's no better way to book and that story. This is what's great and it's sort of like what I was talking about. Brian Regan to comics are always comics. And they're always GonNa want to talk about comedy understand it and they're all even with like Eddie. Murphy's thing like I duNNo. I only got five minutes. They're always sort of looking over the fence like oh I don't. I don't know if I'm I don't know if I should do that so I'll let you like there's still that sense of never feeling like you're never feel completely never feel complete. You never feel comfortable. You always feel like you're missing something or you don't have enough of something. And and it's it's a bummer. But it's also charming at the same time it also is what keeps US moving. Yeah and you know I think I went through a little melancholy phase maybe to the latter part of last year and I started really considering leaving L. A. I was like I'm GONNA leave. Fuck this place I hate it go. I'M GONNA move to fucking Texas or something. Yeah I think I've literally started looking online as like look in Nashville and look what was it. What do you think I don't know you just go through your getting your head you get in your head and then you're like I don't know fuck this place. Nobody cares. Nobody's GonNa notice if I leave you know. But you which is funny because it if you look at sort of the empirical data you have this really great touring business. People do know who you are. They do come out to your shows. It is a really hard thing to to convince people to put on pants and leave their house and park their cars and sit down and pay a lot of money and that's a very hard and focus. That is a really hard thing. It is hard to sell tickets. You know what it was. But I hadn't gotten back out on the road yet or we're going on my new AC okay and I think I was so scared of not being able to come up with anything got it and I was so away from it for a couple of months. Yeah that I I've just got in my own head and now I literally am in a place where it's like fuck it. I don't give a shit anymore right. I don't want it I don't care about it. I just I'm loving. I'm loving doing. Stand up my thirty first year. It's this is what I'm GonNa do for the rest of my life. It's it's fine and it's exactly what I want to be doing. And now I I I guess when you change your inward energy your outward energy changes to so of course it then everything that I thought. Was You know? The problem is not the problem and everybody turns out they like. Hey Man I'm like okay. It is okay guys. It's funny how much you're you're convinced of a certain reality. Yeah this is totally it and and then you kind of start finding reasons without realizing it to build that case to strengthen that case. Oh Yeah Yeah you can and then I started realizing that I wasn't even taking my own advice and I was like you know house. Tell people when you live. There's two roads there's negative road and the positive road. Why would you take the fucking negative road right and I started going down the negative road and I go? What's a hard to get off of? It is hard to get off and you can. You can build either like once you start down either path. You're going to find reasons to start laying roots down absolutely and it is hard to get out of because you kind of have to backtrack a little bit to figure out how to get to the other one. But yeah and I'm one of those people that doesn't matter what it is in life. I don't like going back negative distance right. This is the watering forward too bad. We're not going back. Hey should we ask the governor Metroplex? I'm not asking anybody for nothing. Why it just doesn't. It's not the way things are going. I'm a bitch but it's important because I think in most people's lives whatever they've convinced theirselves themselves about the reality. A percent at least percentage if their perception of that were altered would change the kind of. And you're right. It changes your outward energy because you can tell when people have inward energy and you can tell when people are comfortable and you can tell when people are trying too hard which is also afraid of. Am I going to be out there trying to harm? I GONNA look desperate. I didn't know what the fuck I was thinking. Yeah and my. My whole team was worried about me because they were like something's going on with that guy and I'm like I don't know what to Fox going me alone but it's just normally thing that everyone everyone goes through. I think I you know I guess it lets. You know that you're human. It's the it's the life equivalent of you. Talk to someone at a party you leave. You're driving home you replay the highlights from the party. Go Oh my God. I made this one. I made this one joke to someone. And they just split up with someone and they're going to be upset because they thought I was making fun of relate in all my God they hate me. Oh my God that's why tree I'm saying then you're dead the next time you see him talking. I'm so sorry about that thing. I said the last and that was like what are you talking about? Like you've built this whole case against yourself that Chris Rock. I thought I said something really stupid to him and then I thought I said some really dumb to his girlfriend and then I was like fuck. He's he hates my guts now. Yeah and then I was like I called Tony. His brother Mike Tony you a texture brother and tell them I apologize and you know the remotely In in in in inappropriate that night or whatever. And it's like with you say to him I go. I don't do because my brother won't remember. Shit that you said to him. I go you series it goes. I'm I promise you won't remember. And then I called like his cousins Sharon small shrug and you know. He's got a note and I can. Jeff Roscoe Jeff can you imagine to him pal and I'm like no you're not nobody's GonNa say yes but then but then the other thing is that you might make a thing out of it by trying to I really over thought it and I saw Chris and everything was normal totally normal and fine. Okay but that's just a good lesson for like the stories that we tell ourselves are not like whatever store you tell yourself might be true because you make it true but it doesn't necessarily make it an objective reality right like when. I did your game show. Yes yes I was sure. You'd remember that. Can I tell you what happened with did so? Many episodes of that I know I know I know but in my head is like there's no way he won't remember that. I won I. I've run into people that I was like. It's more actors not comedians but actors like Oh my God you know you should have been doing some time and they go. Yeah I did it and I had no because you live so much in your short term. Memory that your brain just scoops out and you start over the next day You know with six hundred episodes like I've started to go back and watch some of the Hashtag Games like Oh these were really fun and I had literally zero. Meme like it's like I'm watching someone else's show and a whole new thing. Yeah it's like when I mean like a celebrity that I may have interviewed added talk show back years ago and I and I'm like hey how are you remember me and I'm like wow and I'm like fuck that person. They think they're cool. I never I don't that never bothers me because I I do understand like especially. When they're in that moment there could have been like one of five things they did that day. Should I know now? Yeah but if you take it real time you're the again that was that's a different Russell again. Like I was over a hypersensitive when you're when you're and to me it's a sign of weakness like you're not a week. Guy Russell or the gag hypersensitive. Well not only not only the hypersensitive thing but I think it's very difficult for. It's very difficult for someone who works in the creative arts were. There's kind of a relatively non linear reward system. Mike how do we know? We're doing a good job so we set up all these things that kind of feed our ego because we think oh well. That's being fed. That must mean that. I'm doing if people remember me that people come out to my shows if I invited to certain parties if I get asked to do certain things that is a sign but what we really just want to hear is like your enough your complete. You're doing okay. Which by the way we could just tell her. We just accept with our president. We we look around. We should be able to look around us and go. Oh yeah we're doing good. Yeah we're doing good here. Yeah I didn't I didn't have to get a job I hate. Where'd you grow up? What primarily? Well I've been la since eighty eight. But like I grew up in Memphis and I lived in Denver for a while and Florida or Tennessee. Guy I yes I was born in Kentucky but I always say I'm from Tennessee because I spent considerable chunk of my childhood. I do like Tennessee. Yea I've never been to memphis but this is a cool town. Nashville is great. I love everyone loves Nashville. Memphis is cool. It but there's comedy hasn't really like embrace memphis the way someone either has English. Hey there. Hey y'all doing my stepmom scratches or Mississippi and she adds syllables two words. That don't have extra syllables. There's just like a drawl down there where everyone just Soda Tau Slack the down there. But it's so I do consider myself southern but I've been in La for thirty. I would never have guessed in now. No it doesn't I don't feel I mean I feel a connection to it by memories. I have memories. Where where did you? Grow UP TORONTO. You grew up in Toronto. Toronto is a great place for comedy. Too especially I started eighty nine so it was right as the boom was ending. Yeah so that was the best time to start because nobody cared about comedy. Nobody was paying attention to it. Make all the fucking mistakes you want in the world and nobody's looking at you. Yeah Yeah I always found that. I think it was really interesting. That you know Montreal's Jeff L. Was like that was like A. That was such a badge of honor as a new comic to Montreal..

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