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And did two democratic congresswoman Muslim Americans bar and the two leave and though we have our guest of Michael Friedman from the media new life that news agency in the Jerusalem and the Casey who calls and from Great Falls Montana all the bull headed show in OKC yeah I I watch the most of the president's interaction with the depressed today the only way to Kentucky yeah and I understood perfectly what he was saying I don't have any problem with it all he was speaking about the loyalty of the use people towards their own people and toward the nation state of Israel he's a nationalist and he leave that Israel has a right to exist as a nation well I agree I agree that they have a right to exist again the use of the term disloyalty is obviously something that the president apparently is about to fully figured out in the context of such a comment on how it would undermine what he was trying to say I would have gladly have the caller respond with a collar chose not to to stick around no I understand like you know if you do with Donald drug but Michael freeze I I got arrested while he was trying to say I just wish that he would find a way to say it it's critical to the discussion and and this was left out of the women's a press conference the host of the trip the funding source for the trip for their trip was messed up this is an organization that not only supports BDS but their members support terrorism against Israel exactly need to go to do anything any further no we do not absolutely need to go any further whatsoever and again do you suggest that this is not a good course of action is five to the use of the term again this loyalty again the president will find a way to say it in such a way that we wind up making explanations of what he said instead of focusing on the point that he was trying to make which I I find the unfortunate shall we say to say the least one eight six six five oh Jimbo one eight six six five oh five four six two six will take another call here and then the we will at the subway I want to get to the Iran story as well but right now David in the Creston ia joins us hello David okay you want it again sure want to go over a little you're kind of cutting in and out David well let's go ahead let's try it again well in the class hello to call this kind of crap and no clue what all the media well you haven't heard a word from them I'm not aware that the they have ever had leanings in this direction but I'll defer to our guest I was not aware that the Clintons had what could be considered a a questionable track record on the the nation of Israel you tell me Mister freeze's well there are a lot of people in Israel that I I thought about the split and and and and demerits and you're going to find people that support either candidate Somers foretold handmade insisting to but Bill Clinton and this is a very popular figure over here Hillary not so much it's interesting I have not heard anybody suggests with the caller suggests that the call them and there's the bandaid to to source top the hemorrhaging it's an interesting thought and I think I might use in some my questioning of officials it'll be speaking to a if it's a it's a possibility than the well well enough I I have over the years garnered a a pretty strong a list of of reasons to would not support Hillary Clinton I'd never realize this could be one of the all right we'll pause were to come back and I would do focus on this issue regarding Iran as well as of Michael freaks it does cover the Middle East will be back.

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