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Animal populations to a greater degree than has been before that we have an interconnected economy, so we will probably get more of these, so we need to be faster Responding. What is most extraordinary things about the Westerns. I think it is complacency. We saw this disease unveiling itself in China and the Far East. We saw them taking the steps to deal with it some of their steps that's just not done, such as closing airports. That is wearing masks were working. We should have learned from them, which should have irritated them. Now in Britain, we've only just started wearing whilst you know a few weeks weeks ago when the Chinese were wearing them, you know, last general, we have toe Study other people and learn from other people and realize that not all wisdom in the world is in our own heads. As we wrap up with you that you talked about this being a test. Is this foreboding As we move forward to say if we failed this test, what is it gonna look like in the future when something else like this comes around? Well, it's probably for voting that there are going to be more tests in the future. But what this test is revealed is being a weakness in the quality of government that has been developing for a long time in developing for decades. This isn't just Test that we failed. It's a test off the reveals something about the state of our governance. And unless we get to fixing these things pull federal government poor coordination with the state's poor provision of technology expertise within the government sector. Unless we get fixing these things, I'm afraid that the balance of power in the world is going to shift away from the West away from The Anglo Saxon world in particular and towards China, and that's not something I want to see. So Arthur Adrian Wooldridge, along with John Mikel Thwaite, the book is the wake up call why the pandemic has exposed the weakness of the West and how to fix it. Adrian, Thanks for the time, thank you so much. We'll take a break and come back with the Thanksgiving holiday edition of Colorado's Morning news on K Away news radio. Nice.

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