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A date that old black magic okay. So we opened up with the crew. Visiting a commerce planet again looking for supplies seems to be a recurring theme in this that includes a cure for rogers flew. A merchant named lieko tells zan that he has just what they need but meanwhile crichton encounters gesture who approached him. Say he knows a lot of things about him. Including that he's looking for a way back to earth and is being hunted by the peacekeepers. The gesture that says that the person who can help is named hal off and that he should follow them. Crichton intrigued trade and all of a sudden is transported to a room by hal off. Who simply says that. He wished him there. Crichton us hayloft. What else he can do. But he responded. He can't sent him home or even point him in the right direction but he talks about grace who wants revenge on crichton for his brother's death crichton says if he could only tell him and make make kramer stand how often says he let crichton talk decrease and disappears before crichton can ask any more questions. Meanwhile chris receives a communication from peacekeeper command containing orders for him to stop the pursuit of the escaped leviathan. Leave the uncharted territory. And we turned a peacekeeper command for new orders. Lieutenant teague confirms that she was ordered to observe the message in case craze attempts to disobey upon which she should remove him from command but says that this that until that time her loyalty is to her captain and leaves how off appears and brings crates to his chamber where he shows him crichton. It says chris can have him. But at a price dahlgren aaron fund crichton unconscious and she tells him to go get zan. How tells crichton that he has bad news and transforms into another person named madras and brings crease to him. Meanwhile found a girl who saw crichton with someone in lieko knows that it was madras. Craze tells crichton. He's here to kill him and attacks him. With one of the spears involves chamber craze manager slash crichton's hand and in reality zan found crichton with the same slash on his hand. Lieko says maldives is an evil sorcerer that feeds off pain and death he taps into others life energy. He invaded this planet and killed off half. Its population subjugating. The rest he says. Maldives is invincible. And before maldives came leaker was a high priest but powers were not strong enough to defeat. Mollis zan asked him to guide her to use her abilities to hurt modest. He says to do so she must have the intent to hurt him. Maybe even kill. He says she's not capable of that. She grabs his face in english. Says she wants was modest sales. Crichton that chris offered him bigger stakes and crichton could now crisis here so he must deal with him. Chris attacks crichton but said But cry tells him. He didn't murder his brother..

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