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I was horrified by what I was seeing as people's sort of lack of learning collectively. To what just happened were is happening. It's still happening is hasn't changed yet. Isn't that interesting that we could be the people that scandalise idea of being forced to create something and tell a story constantly what it has no meaning it has no soul it has no authenticity or credibility. Just seem so vacant. I have a choice every morning. I can take care of myself and be of use or I can lie in bed and contribute to the garbage. Hi this is Imran Ahmed founder and CEO of the business of fashion and. Welcome to the PODCAST. It's Mental Health Awareness Week and last week on Bureau F. Live our editor at large Tim. Blanks spoke to the celebrated American designer. Marc Jacobs who touched on a variety of topics from working through the krona virus crisis and maintaining his creativity but also on how the crisis is impacting his own mental health at this time of anxiety and stress for people around the world. Here's Mark Jacobs inside fashion. Hi Tam I'm such a pleasure to see it today. It's always a pleasure to.

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