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The city of Richmond has agreed to pay six hundred fifty eight thousand dollars in a settlement with nine elderly and disabled public housing tenants over substandard living conditions at the hacienda housing complex for after a reveal from the center for investigative reporting in Emeryville, I exposed the squalid conditions at the hacienda. Living complex in two thousand fourteen the head of the chronicle chronically mismanage Richmond housing authority minute that the apartment complex was uninhabitable. It's still took two more years evacuate residents from the building. It's money watch for joined by Jason Brooks. It was a tug of war between strong corporate earnings and trade talk concerns for the market. The Dow lost twenty two points to twenty four thousand five hundred fifty three the NASDAQ gained forty seven points to seventy seventy three and the s&p rose three points to twenty six forty two with the US and China set to meet in Washington next week for a second round of trade talks. US commerce secretary Wilbur Ross told CNBC that the US is miles and miles away from a trade deal with China. The Labor Department reported that first-time unemployment claims fell below two hundred thousand for the first time since nineteen sixty nine following a drop of thirteen thousand one hundred ninety nine thousand corporate earnings were mostly winners today with airline stocks getting a lift as American South west and jet blue delivered strong results. The tech sector got a big boost from ship. Equipment maker earnings with shares skyrocketing for Zeilinger and Lam research Microsoft's Bing, search engine is being blocked in China. The company says it's trying to figure out how to get it reinstated after it was allowed for several years under China's online censorship laws..

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