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But as soon as you say, something of something name of homophobia immediately. Hey crime comes to the rescue and not that I'm trying to take anything away from the protections that the LGBT community needs. But why don't black people get that same protection? It just bothers the hell out of me that this is a gay thing. And not a black thing. Point. I think I think when they said faggot, I think that probably has something to do with it. But. Bigger, and they said Newt, and they put a noose around his neck, right? Supersedes him being black. Why has the fag in front of the black? That's I thought it was both. That's all I was both. But it's not both. It's it's a hallway do nothing. Because you keep saying he thought it was. It says homophobic, aicraft, it doesn't say homophobic, racial hate crime. It doesn't say that though. So how is it book? Now, as I said, I I'm assuming I don't know assuming that. Right. Are you and sloughing? Yelling at me like ideas. Right, right. Shouldn't of racial. Hey, chris. Combination of oatmeal raisin. I if you read the story at ain't combination shit. You're making an inference that the media is saying is opponent. Did not saying this race. Boy rope. All right. What does the cat? Krantz teasha Campbell Martin the temporary restraining order against her husband way mart and following claims of domestiques of. I put this on here. I'm sick of teasha camp. Look here. Look here. They should longtime go for their. Skin, women bad names, y'all even think that teakamp was credible. Remember, she's the one that said that Martin Lawrence is heard. But then tame said, well, I mean what he didn't really do some TIMMY or whatever like that fucked up one of the greatest shows of the nineties offer her bullshit. I don't know how credible. She is in her at listen, real quick. And her defense there retraction the retraction. What did not come recently when she was trying to get the re started exactly so so so just I'm just saying it could have happened in this? She reneged on it just so she could get the rebel because that's what they do. Watch. The artist is always trying to come back to the deal again. No, no, she just sink full of shit me. Let's move on. What else we got cat? Such an interesting story to me. Live at husband Dan gas before having living girlfriend while she battles Alzheimer's famous restaurant to our lifestyle expert v Smith has long been open about her battle with Alzheimer's disease. Since two thousand thirteen diagnose this while serving our caregiver and the mouth Easter fans..

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