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Wanted to get in with the wrong crowd mice he might have a spice you talking about. How take a look at the tree so yeah? So that's it that's it. That's how we met I. I heard about him a couple of weeks before I met him and I saw him. Just scooting down on the street on a skateboard one day and I say you you fit a description of somebody that was I was like okay you you. Tom And I was like yeah. It's me how old are you guys. Fourteen and fifteen. I remember you were while you're euro. You're you're thirteen now at eight. It was it was June goes fourteen and a half. I just looked thirteen. I said look. Rocco's the reason why Tom Still Alive because in Highschool Ou's he shit in rob will be like Yo sta what he'd be like embarrassingly they'd WanNa red rum you real hard. Oh boy did you fuck it. It wasn't because I could talk my way out of Jason Russell Jason Russell by fuck and eat your face over never face thank you sir. He got so angry with Thomas's behavior. Yeah I I was. I remember specifically blunt ashes and his hair like he. Was Cody Holloway. That that was cody said is he yes he did. Jeez what you didn't know that. He was found in a canal by one of the farm. Oh where was the last name Holloway. Blond kid always dicky shorts and watching Poland Built ourselves bill parcells. Yeah Yeah I think he went to. Logger did so check the Jesus wanted. He died five six seven years ago. Probably never the tortillas that when we were in tenth grade we used to go home and I had a bottle of one fifty one in the bottom of my cabinet in the kitchen and that guy was just taking. He talked about that. Yeah he killed the bottle. He wasn't allowed him have Ogle's house anymore because he drank all Matt Bogle stats. Click on how do we know who it was. You know him about who you gotta gotTa Yo. Yeah I got I got three. Yearbooks brought eh compartment and trunk somewhere in the foreigner yeah all right so you gotTa send me a picture of that when you get home all right. Yeah we'll talk we'll crazy. Jeez but yeah so. I met Rocco before going to Olympic Heights. It was the summer before it was entering summer of sixteen freshman year summer. Love for me men with brotherly. Love the hell. Yeah but then you guys all had that crew in that neighborhood. Yeah just had a wedding for Miguel's wedding right. Our our listeners might remember three episodes ago there too. He scores down a direct neighbour. You're on the coldest accurate in the back. It wasn't quite it's it's a blue okay. Yeah so like from Your House you go left you give you know from his house you got to go to the main road okay. I remember I was in the state homes. Yeah you came over my house and we went over there cool. What did he show us? I don't remember. I just remember. Remember seeing him do we corn. The door was definitely. Did we eat a lot of corn your value punch the door. The door looks small. All the doors are big. Yeah it's a double door to the front of the valley. Live there with you guys John. Boehner Danny de Ledesma as damn you guys had a frigate we had the squad at coming out of Meisner point that was a sleeper neighborhoods quality characters. Mother I remember I don. Grandmother lives in the bedroom really. Oh she tried to touch an listener. The podcast Shawny. I went to but but Your grandma fucking what. He can't do this he was probably eight or nine times. Sounds like so so we went. We went to show. I wasn't like he's really good at cake for his age. I was like you got in my room on my trunk. She was a you know she was a hard eight. That's awesome yard back so we went to the skate park for Shawn's birthday. I think what was his tenth birthday right neither tenth birthday right forty eight I think. Yeah we we really fifteen but listen just we can say this. It was cool like the dynamic kind of worry about your mom's no but it's like five five houses down was small. It was a group. He was a little brother. Yeah and we were. We were all different ages and yet like him. Danny were young. We had a good. I think at the time I had a three year old brother the little brothers you know. It's just from from preteens teens and and so on and so forth but we went to around forty-eight for birthday skateboard sorry okay back then yeah absolutely nice draw on the twelfth lift dips Andy. Phipps any tips dino. He likes to flip. He's to work around forty two. I was just wondering I'm the red headed. Kids name. Iro No carbon. I don't remember flame car flame card and they all Ali over parking. Coney was sure that wasn't Brian Scarborough. Nadav no-no Oh Brian Danny down over the head is elbow was his head. I heard it was headed. I probably since stories head. Yeah realities elbow in a hotel room. No but we went to skate. Park mark with With Sean and his his mother You know was was filming the birthday and we ended up at John's house pizza. Yeah Pizza and some cake at John's house it. Let's put on the video from the Skate Park. See The boys riding escape skateboards boards there and she reminded too far and high issues she used she used an old tape and she was taping over something. That another skateboard session. No no it was more like a less keyboard more more more more sex decks and made his awesome. Some some miscellaneous narcotics on a counter top and healthy some in Greece ball behind the camera telling her for that ball. You Pee wee red line on that didn't we. Do.

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