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But my feet my favorites our favorite, I know that Dan is they're both right color for you maniac. The the right thing, though, the Trump story that you're talking that is him watching blood sport on an airplane and making it son fast-forward between scenes where we're basically anything where someone's talking. But then like when you see bolo young show up. He's like stop at Eric. And then like, and then they watched the fight scene. There's a good bit in there where? Think about how much the gravitas that movie. He missed out like this even know that John Claude van Damme was fighting for his brother, probably doesn't he probably just thinks that it's like a blood. This is their sport blood is their sport. That's how they do it their competitors their animals, and they wanna make it soft. They wanna win they want, and that's an so maybe in some ways. Yeah. That is. I think he sees himself is kind of a Frank ducks type. Think that's the name the character. But yeah, that that to me is like the idea of him watching game of thrones fast, forwarding, only like beheadings, and like orgies would be extremely on brand for him. I think that's a good place to stop. Let's let's make orgies the third the last word of the show, Dan, thanks for joining us. Here's here's an alternate. Take the credits as performed by Dan mcquaid. This show is produced by our executive director of audio Monday. Murphy We featured music by Corbin Hayes was mixed by Jamie, Collazo got a question. You want to send us send the voice Notre Email to dead cast. That's been dot com or tweet at that's been using the hashtag that guest. You can find us on apple podcast chronically NPR one and wherever you get your guest.

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