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The story of Joseph MENSA, and they're publicly calling for this guy to be removed. You actually have McBride and the former older woman, quite possibly one of the most unhinged liberals in the entire state. Heather Cool, organizing a session in which people would come to a high school football field and just basically scream about how much they hate Joseph MENSA. How much they hate the Wauwatosa Police Department. Hell, you even had one guy. Say he was going to drive around. What would toaster with a tail light out, hoping Joseph MENSA pulled him over Now This guy is so incredibly stupid. He doesn't realize that MENSA was suspended and therefore was not on duty and would be in no position to pull him over. And all of this. All of these hate that's directed at the police and MENSA specifically. Condoned, allowed and tacitly approved of by the mayor of Wauwatosa and the powers that be on the common Council in the Fire and Police Commission. All of this culminates in August with an angry mob led by Milwaukee's terrorist who calls himself Milwaukee's Malcolm X. The guy's a terrorist. All right, he live streams himself. Going to target Get the supplies that he's going to use to vandalize menses house Eventually, this leads to Ah, confrontation in which shots are fired in immense is front door with a shotgun. You've actually got a member of the Wisconsin State Assembly. David bowing in this angry mob lying To law enforcement, saying No. MENSA was the one who actually pulled the trigger. It was a total lie. You got a guy who is seen as a civil rights icon in Milwaukee, primarily by himself. Right. Who's leading this angry mob? He is on video. Buying the toilet paper and things that are eventually hurled at menses House. Right. I love this. He is little Pudge Ball right? He calls himself Milwaukee's Malcolm X. I said No. He's more like Milwaukee's Osama bin Laden. Well, he's gained a few pounds. I think a better nickname for him would be Osama bin eaten. So this guy leads the angry mob toe Menses house. And what do we get? We get lies. From a Democratic state assemblyman saying meant so is the one who pulled the trigger men. So was the one who escalated. There's an angry mob outside his house. What? What does the police department nowhere to be seen there? Milwaukee Police Department. Everybody standing down and letting this poor guy fend for himself. Yet Now things get so out of control in Wauwatosa, that you've literally got the gunfight at the OK corral going on outside of Macy's, and now mayor MC Bride is saying, Well, you know what we could use more police Yeah, that's sort of the issue. When you side with Wallace, nous and thuggery, you get more lawlessness and thuggery. Why did this 15 year old think that he could disobey the side that clearly posted signs that guns aren't allowed at Mayfair Mall because he knew there would be no consequences. He knew there's no police officers who were at Mayfair. He knows that. What would Tosa isn't going to actually enforce the law? So he feels emboldened. He feels empowered to be able to go out and do this. And the best response we get from Mayor Mccheese. Is to instead of arresting the Hamburglar say, Well, if he would have just obey the signs,.

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