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This is the monocle daily live from studio one Madari house in London. UK Prime Minister Theresa may is winding up her three day whistle stop to of Africa. She may have been tempted to stay even if certain of the locals did insist on making her dad's. She returns to a country Nell just two hundred twelve days from Brexit, but roughly a thousand times that many miles from having any meaningful idea of precisely how it is to be accomplished today. Covenant office Minister, David leading tune in perhaps unwitting HAMAs to a key. Early scene of blazing. Suttles has told the e u that if they don't back to reason May's plan, the UK may leave with no deal an eventuality which may has said not altogether. Reassuringly would not be the end of the world one join now by the political commentator, Carol Walker, Carol. I the big question I are. We actually getting anywhere well, interestingly enough today and ju- the Brexit. Secretary Dominic Robb said that a deal is within all sites. That's what he told a parliamentary committee is he was giving evidence today, but he did just a moment later, then at MIT that the idea that an agreement could be reached by the time of hourly you summit in the middle of October that that could actually flip to November. And he said that if that was to happen, it wouldn't be the end of the world. So he is insisting that progress has been made, but we know that there are still huge issues to be resolved. We'll know near knowing exactly what a sort of a future trade deal will be. There were still outstanding issues over how to avoid a heart border between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic and a host of other specifics which have yet to be sorted out. Well, as as I hope Dominic Robb is aware. Here when he says a deal with announced sites that he's a relative term. I mean, the moon is within our sights, but our chances of getting there by March from a standing start pretty limited. I did want to ask about the cabinet office Minister David Livingston's statement today that you know basically that if if the EU doesn't back Theresa May's plans, which so far the u has suggested it won't. Then the UK will just store off without a deal. Is that quite the threat to the rest of the u. that he seems to think it is. Well, I think it is the case that the rest of the European Union would like that to be a deal. There is no doubt that those countries particularly those that do a lot of trade with the UK would like a future arrangement in place, but I think there's absolutely no doubt that the damage and the disruption to the u. k. would be far greater than it would be to the rest of the European Union. That would be specific countries, specific trade sectors that would face huge difficulties. People keep talking about the German car industry which is of course important, but that is just one sector. I think the difficulty here is that right from the outset to resume has always said, well, look, no deal is better than a bad deal and Brexit is those who really want a clean break without too many ties off to Brexit have always said, well, yes, let's. Just walk away, but the difficulty is the shift scale of the links. The trading links and the many other different sectors that are all intrinsically intertwined between the UK and the EU. We have seen a stepping up of the preparations for no deal, and indeed the warnings about a no deal since Dominic Robb took over as the new Brexit secretary, but there are still, I think, a real recognition here in the UK that the problems for this country would be far greater than it would be for the rest of the EU. I think they ultimately will both sides accounting on is that they can try to reach enough of broad outline of agreement that they can get through Brexit at the end of March next year and into a transition phase and perhaps put an awful lot of the. Very difficult detail off to be resolved during that transition phase, how much will apparent recent shifts in public opinion here in the UK be playing on the minds of both sides..

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