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Better following Cardinals when I was if you don't get to see that it was insane. I I felt this the second time I've done that. Second time. I'm a season ticket holder. You remember last season when they ended up tying or where it was with Detroit. They were down in the games like by 25 points in the third quarter. So tell me elected. I left and then I listened on the way home for them, Win the game or tie the game. And then last night is Sooners at receiver across the goal line. I shut it off as sweet as the wind was last night. It was really sad that You didn't have the Red Sea there to celebrate. You imagine fans would've been going freaking crazy. I know and it's been such a long time. I'm so happy for that team and I keep saying I'll never do it again. But I did it again. I was one of those angry fail, you might be the good luck charm. As soon as he broke that tackle. I shut the TV off and I turned it on five minutes later, and they were interviewing Cuyler Murray and he was smiling. We'll do it more often because they want. I should just never watch again even by that fan. All right. Thanks, Jamie. Yeah. We were going to talk about the Arizona Cardinals little bit later on in the show. But congratulations to the Red Sea. And Yeah, I did it. I shut the TV off and then turn it back on in the postgame, But yeah, that was me. Don't rub it in, but that's what I did. We're going to get to a lot of that stuff. It was such a fun game. You can hear my voice yelling at my TV last night Great game for the Cardinals Fun football weekend. But a lot of seriousness to talk about. Ah, big hurdle was cleared in the United States Senate as they now will move to a full vote today of the Senate, with the assumption that Amy Cockney Barrett will be will be confirmed to the Supreme Court. Arizona Senator Kirsten Cinema, says she will be a no vote. She's confirming that she's loading. No, it shouldn't mean shouldn't matter. And I think that's part of the reason why she waited as long as she did. But she is a no vote for different reasons, not the process. You know. Chuck Schumer still upset about the process and All of that politics. I think most of the country doesn't care about but we will now watch moving forward is this confirmation happens? What will the makeup of the court looked like is this judge gets onto the court? Onto the court and starts to hear cases with the rest of the court. I will say it seems very interesting to me all of the push back from the Democrats they fought through the night. This is where American politics is. American politics and both sides of the aisle should respect it in each other. And this whole idea there's a there's a campaign ad for Joe Biden that Cindy McCain is in which we could get into the whole ins and outs of the ad. But in the ad Mrs McCain says that my husband and Joe would fight like hell on the Senate floor and then go to lunch together. That's that's true. I mean, there's a lot of truth to that. I was friends with The senator of the late Senator John McCain, and he would tell me great stories about Ted Kennedy. Ted Kennedy was known as a liberal lion. Most of you remember who Ted Kennedy was Ted Kennedy. Oddly enough, died of the same illness that took John McCain's life. But hey, would tell me a couple of stories about him and him and the senator, and they would fight like crazy that there were freshmen senators on the floor having a procedural battle, a Republican and a Democrat. Will McCain heard that the Republic This was happening, and he went down to the Senate floor and took the side of the Republican senator. And then the Democrats. Senator Kennedy showed up and they ended up nose to nose Kennedy and McCain nose to nose and when they left the floor. Ted Kennedy joke A. We did pretty good, and then they went about their business. They never would have. They never would have voted for each other..

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