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With no preconditions. They know precisely how to find us and. And I'm confident that at the very moment, they're ready to truly engage with us. We'll begin able to begin these conversations President Trump's put on hold immigration police raids and major cities, originally planned for today after house speaker, Nancy Pelosi spoke with the president Friday in return. The president says he wants Democrats Republicans to work together to resolve border and asylum issues. A suggestion from congresswoman Sheila jackson-lee, Texas democrat, we need the administrative officers, we need the immigration judges that is what the president do ministration can do right now. Congressman MAC, Thornberry, Texas, Republican, the challenge is, if there is a lawful deportation order, that is the law of the land, and it is a job of the executive branch in our system of government to enforce the law Thornberry on ABC's this week, the huge fire at refried a explosion at the biggest oil refinery on the east coast has finally been put out say fire officials in Philadelphia. The cause under investigation. You're listening to ABC news. Arizona's news station news station. KTAR on air Nagy to three FM online at KTAR dot com and streaming live on the KTAR news app. Your breaking news and traffic now. KTAR news time is one oh two. I'm Julie Levin. A twenty five year old man is dead. Thirty year old man injured after an argument turned deadly last night, it happened. You're fifty nine th avenue and canto boulevard in Phoenix win. The men were shot at by a Hispanic male who left the scene in silver, four door vehicle. The injured man is expected to live, if you have any information please call silent witness at four zero witness for reward up to one thousand dollars. Alejandro Hernandez was fatally shot on April twenty nine Phoenix police, his sister, Anna Hernandez says they have not been very responsive to her request for information about her brother. So in response, she took part in a protest Friday at Phoenix police headquarters Hernandez says it's been difficult handling your brother's death. We've reached out to get some counseling and just some grief therapy to learn ways how to cope. You don't ever really move on from losing someone you love so much? But you learn how to live through it, Phoenix. Police declined to comment now the sixth largest in Arizona. The Woodbury fire is burning at over ninety six thousand acres at twenty four percent. Containment over nine hundred people are fighting this fire east of Apache junction. The west side continues to show growth, but grew slightly east fires reaching different types.

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