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Well, it's day catch my friend. Josh Mathews of impact wrestling because we found it earlier today as I mentioned previously here on the show before went on the air that heard the news of the passing, gene Oakland. Josh Joshu are both lucky guys be able to work with me, gene, WWE, and and so forth. What's your what's your memories in by the way, thanks for be with us? Oh, not down daunting day. But what were your memories of Maine, gene as a young buck announcer? First of all, thank you for having me on the show this week and to echo, you're sediments. You're right of his a bit of a rough day. We were on the way to the gym this morning. We saw the news and just sort of put a damper on on the whole day in probably the next few days. I mean, I just mean meaning was the guy. I mean when you when I was a kid, and I started watching WWE wrestlemainia too. So, you know, I grew up with me, gene. As as the backstage interviewer in, you know, at the time, you know, now when you become an announcer. You know, you want to be at the desk calling the shows but back then like me, gene, just held that spot w has a spot named after me, gene, the ochre position with the camera looking over at all the fans, and you know, me gene was such a part of my childhood. And then JR remember the show w confidential that they did for for a couple of years. It was a Saturday night show. Do. Gene, hosted that in that was my very early career as announcer, and I would sit on the floor of the studio at one twenty Hamilton. And I would just sit and watch gene do that show every week. And it was the highlight of my week to watch that he was such a pro he treated everyone in the studio from John McCall to Jill Clarke, like they were his friends and family, and it was just what are they? Gene, had a cocktail or shared a cocktail. He may have had a cocktail. He certainly shared a cocktail with many of the of the blue collar working people had no issues of that. He was so unpretentious. And I don't think that sometimes he realized how famous that he was that was he was so humble. And it was it was real. And you didn't want her to pitch into say, gene snap out of your star. 'cause he was so lovable the way he was. He'll truly be missed in. And I'll always treasure in cherish the time that I got to spend with him. You obviously knew along than I did I posted a photo on Instagram this morning, and you know, obviously thoughts and prayers with his with his friends and family today, Josh on Instagram at Josh Mathews. He's also on Twitter kids at real Josh Mathews. How many of those edges go through for what she wanted to. 'cause I guess telling you got to Russia your name on Twitter thousand Josh Matthews is of some sort. I had Josh Matt W E, and they called me and told me I had change it. So I had to find something. And now you're talking two thousand fourteen so yeah, there was quite a few. Well, you know, you get the station. Make do you do coin yourself as real the, you know, all those other things you could utilize there in any event. Did you you? You know, I always thought I was driving up here today from Norman Oklahoma city. And I was thinking Josh about probably in the day pretty much. Oh Yoon apology because I could probably are thinking about this. You know, I was thinking how much interaction I have with. Josh when we were there WWE thinking, you know, I don't know if the schedules are different or I was perceiving myself to be too busy. But I could've helped you more think in the day. And I are maybe my ego was too out of control the to do that. I'm not so sure what it was. But I'll follow Josh for not being a heavier back a little bit better there in WWE because I've come to realize back nine of life. Josh that you know that..

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