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We're always learning so many new things about the ocean and i think that's really exciting and we know actually more about the surface of mars than we do about the bottom of our own oceans and there's so much to learn and explore still down there and so much to do to protect all of that amazing ocean life yeah any final pieces of advice for my submarine mission yeah it can get pretty rough in the ocean that you might want to wear seatbelts good to know oh and there's a lot of owl's corals thousands of years old so make sure you don't it devotes their scare part of wales gotcha and i would take lots of videos and pitcher sure so you can share it with everybody for sure all right. Thanks devon. You're welcome good luck bye. I all right well. I guess it's time to check this baby out to the arctic. It's going to take a while so let's take the fast forward button in the meantime. Let's play a little game. It's time for spot. The fake fake fake fake. Take you can figure out which of these animals is not found in the arctic ocean beluga mm-hmm narwhal see angel or ruffled lucille sit tate because we'll share the answer with you at the end end of this episode earth rangers okay. Let's check back in on the action rigid body of water. We don't a small breaking the ice. I went too far ahead. Let me rewind a little bit in there. We go pretty chilly up here. We're we're in the beaufort. Sea which is located north of canada living his rigid body of water. They don't mind the cold very much because of their thick blubber her which can be over. Fifty centimeters thick asks for me. I've got on seventeen layers and that's just an hats. We found a small breaking the ice where we placed my little sub there. It is she's butte. I call atlantis let he just climbing. Things are looking great in here. Not got a drop of water in the place. Now we just have to dive down and see if we can find a bow header too so i guess it's just this big level with the down arrow rolling okay current nine meters bowhead whales can dive really deep but they have to surface every thirty minutes or so because like all mammals they need to breathe air bowheads like other whales breathe through their blowholes bowheads actually have a pair of them on top of their head and their filter feeders which means they only eat really tiny creatures called krill puts over there. Is it a bow head. Atlantis identify that creature species rained seal. Thanks atlantis. I can't believe that actually works ring. Seals are pretty common up here. They live in areas all across the northern hemisphere. They're gorgeous but no bo head. Let's keep looking fifteen meters rangers but scientists believe bowhead whales can live over two hundred years ears that makes him the longest living mammal and what's that atlanta's identified that creature identifying feces in the luga thanks atlantis..

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