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Recur. I mean sometimes that have the same names. Sometimes just type of character played by design actor and are few on the lead byles. I think he's all of them and Dr miller courses into them. But i think he's the stand up. You will meet the same kind of characters in different forms in different circumstances. Keep doubles down on that in a lucky man by having these same people from the other movie show up and then play multiple characters. So you like at first. I thought it was going crazy. Because i was like wait. A second so surrounded richardson. He was earlier in then. Here he is here. And then i started noticing other people that were showing up in multiple roles as well as like okay. This really changes how. I'm seeing a lucky man and then there are times was like well. is helen. Mirren supposed to be the same person here versus here. But i think she is but then yeah other people will switch it up. Play to sometimes even three roles. It's incredible there. i. I can't think of another trilogy or even film series attempts anything like this. No the closest i got is the you know. L. mariuchi desperado. And once upon a time in mexico. That's about it dead. Silence jonathan you mentioned how episodic this film is that was one thing. That was kind of keeping me away. The first time. I watched it was just that it is like little episodes. It's not even like major things and sometimes they'll speak to each other in sometimes. It's just like okay. This thing happened. And i think some of that might be coming from that original screenplay of sherwin and howlett's just i mean they brought this when they were very young and some of those things i think stayed through the screenplay all through the evolution of it i think it took what eight years for them to finally get this made but then other things. I can feel more of that after having seen than andersen stuff. Now i'm like okay. That feels more like lindsay anderson thing but then you hear some of the dialogue and it's like okay. That feels very much like david sherwin thing. Especially when you've got watching these with commentaries and you hear mcdowell and that's david show when that's his style it's like okay all right malcolm. I know i think you totally can tell the difference. I mean maybe not the first time you watch if but even if you just watch the trilogy and then go back to. If it's very clear what parts are like classic lindsay in what parts are not an in a way. I think that maybe that makes if a good place to start because it's a little bit more accessible. Maybe like this. Sporting life is pretty accessible. But it's maybe more grounded in a specific narrative whereas the other two are just all the fuck over the place which i love about them. But it's it's so hard to set. Like if i was trying to Did retain a hospital. I was trying to explain to someone the plot of lucky man. And it's like every every plot description you see it's like malcolm mcdowell becomes a coffee salesman in it's like that's not the movie though it's like he does. That's true is factually correct. But like how do you say in a sentence what a lucky man is about. I mean you can say if it's about a revolution at a school but that's basically like the last five minutes. I mean it's really all of the other stuff that adds into it. That is like okay. This is the interesting stuff and to see these episodes and to see how these characters are in iraq and or not. It's interesting that we don't get like a lot of the relationship. Between the bobby phillips character played by rupert webster and the wallace character played by richard warwick like we know they're in the same circle at times and then there's one moment where they're both in bed together and i'm like okay. This is interesting. Is this supposed to be more than two people sharing the same bed. I think it is but it just feels like it kind of goes there. Especially when i'm reading sherman's book and he's just like oh. Yeah we were writing about all the buggering that takes place in the school. I was like oh okay but but with them it seems like an actual relationship. Because and i think you see this so rarely in films in general but especially films before. I don't know like nine hundred ninety five. The this sort of attraction flirtation seen that happens right before that fencing sequence when they're they're on like different levels of the gym The younger one is getting changed. And he's watching that. Like solo gymnastics performance in such a typical. Like you know there is meeting. They're attracted to each other. But you ve very rarely get something like that for gay characters especially younger gay care. I mean it's it's sort of left ambiguous about whether anyone in this film as actually gay or just. This is the environment that they're living in. There are no girls there. But i love the way that the seat the film sort of quietly develops those scenes. And you don't get all of this expository dialogue about it. Which is refreshing. But at the same time you have that really nice scene of them in bed together. Which i love. And then they're sort of together blowing up the school at the end of the film under the compensation within well.

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