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Iraqi what else we gonna be talking about March fifth today seven item name is off the ball park at the stadium at UC right and there was a unanimous vote by the the trustees issued a good buddy mine texting smart guy and he made a great point he said right think about the economics of this and how it benefits you see as well so they get rid of the name off of shot field they can now sell the naming rights to somebody else and I will bet you every dollar I own that they've already been making calls as we sit here they're making calls or call no I don't remember the big top big week people alumni whatever say Hey how do you like to have the stay there probably calling Kevin useless right now saying Hey how would how would you like to have your money you call us field and for the low low price of three million Bucks we can make that happen so this is a no brainer for only makes sense in these times they get to get rid of the name that has a bunch of animus attached to it and they get more money out of it and they don't have to give back the old money this is a good is a great deal I I still say that even though shop foundation doesn't want the money back I think it's just a gesture of goodwill you see should say you know what that money we took and we knowingly took it at the time I already knowing what Marge Schott's history what she said we still took the money even our shop foundation doesn't want the money back we're going to give two million dollars to such and such a racial equality foundation just to make sure everyone knows that this is a a real gesture and not driven by economics that's what I think makes sense to me Moscow the photo we got some calls yeah let's say let's go to a gene a gene is honest so Gina far away what he got I have a quick question why don't the student athletes signed to have margins name taken off the building why don't they give their scholarship money thanks to the university because that's what paid for them to be able to go there and just you know basically for free and then they take the money that those student athletes signed that petition take that money back and take that and put it in some kind of diversity training well why can't they do that because you know it never it never fly with that's not gonna happen exactly but you know what eight those student athletes took the money knowing that Marge Schott said things that she said and did things the way she did them but she also gave generously to every body I mean I don't care who are boys girls club where there are African Americans Mexican Americans so I mean I get some of this stuff but my grandchildren are half white half black but you know what it doesn't matter you you can't where are they going to stop it does stop Gina it doesn't stop or exactly it never stops I mean because then it doesn't fit the narrative so it you know it doesn't make it right you know what then they shouldn't take her name off the building I I I agree Gee thanks for the call is kind of very similar I mean to me I talked about yesterday Kylin hill he's a running back from Mississippi state he sent out a tweet yesterday saying I will not play for Mississippi state and tell the Mississippi state flag which has a Confederate flag emblem attached to it until that's changed was like every you knew when you signed up to the university right when you asked when you sign your letter of intent to play there you knew that that flag was a solid this just came about in the last forty eight hours so it is kind of the same thing here you see new when they took the money that this name and all the things she said and run stuff she said the Korean that it was there but now the sun it's it just doesn't it doesn't feel right I think a lot of people were just don't don't see it very well see the this kid in Mississippi also sounds like he's got a little bit ahead of himself because he says he's not going to play unless they change this flag what do you think good will is gonna happen the state government just got a whole whole whole we got to straighten this out right now because you know Joe over here doesn't want to play for St well come on man like he's got a little ahead of himself with his demands and stuff right change it but just don't say I'm not going to do it I agree see you you're talking sensibly at how dare you say I mean what's going to happen though is other players now that the best running back their best player on that team has said I'm not playing with a change of flight what what role as friends and stuff in the locker room gonna say oh I'm I'm fine with the flag no they're going to do I could see a scenario where they join in and all of a sudden there there's no football program because of a flag that was there again I'll change it that's fine but if it can be changed in two months before the football season that is my point yeah work to change it just don't go snap your fingers go I'm not polite and don't act like you have something some sort of you know you're a part of that do you because you signed up to play for the university knowing that that's what the flight was in it just see it just comes across to me what I think it is which is a lot of virtue signaling like Hey look how conscious I am look out you know a a discount as I am of social issues and it reads a little bit of.

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