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Fifty two hundred yards farther down the road policing misstep and it startled me so much because this broad daylight i'm awake everything is fine i stopped and i feel a chill my body i i tried to explain to myself that couldn't possibly have happened what what what was going on so the time i walked up to clean the house i kind of tried to you know how you tell yourself well that didn't happen you try to explain it and so on so i kinda out of my mind so about two weeks later same time with the day just about the same thing happened but i wasn't going up the road i was going straight up the hill to the house so in a straight line and i started at the bottom of the wash and next thing i knew it was at the top of the hill and i stopped and i got my body and i thought this is getting ridiculous but we're just going on here and i just wondered if anybody else had experienced that out there and what did we teleportation what would be called yeah porting and teleportation i'm not sure that is pretty fascinating and that happened you multiple times twice never happened since then and i i try to be a logical person i keep an open mind about things and i i couldn't figure out an explanation for it i was wide awake it was broad daylight there was nothing spooky is more startling and it was just like your ticket step in when you finish the step you're one hundred fifty two hundred yards farther down where you know robert one of the aspects of the paranormal i'd leave we're dealing with his time slip phenomena and you might have just at that moment been the perfect traveler in you just kept stepping through that same gateway and it was pretty right back i have a very intelligent friend who's into and he says it's like the film skips in life right we're experiencing all this and all of a sudden there's a jump in the film and it applies.

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