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You can do you can get fit games believe it or not you know people think that was you know we can only get fit In straight line running at temple running or whatever remember that you tackle running statistic for track feed you know it is it and so we can develop you know we can train athletes in lieu intensity using intensity gins as well then we can they are realm so we don't have to dive into that too much but we can meet them in the middle on the technical side so if we want to continue to use football if you have a defense ends of back who struggles to cover in man coverage in the the defensive coordinator says you know tactically I do WanNa run more man coverage plays but we just our Corner that's a cover our best receivers man coverage just doing these little isolated matchup game oriented activities so now you're meetings were coaching the middle from a technical standpoint giving them the skills that they would want in designing the tactics the game plan that was Fergus Connolly Dan.

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